Gear: What Works for me

Updates for 2016


A pack for 1 to 3 days

Another tripod post

Camera Gear including  Tripods and Monopods

Rethinking Navigation

Rethinking Cooking

Trekking Poles

Jetboil Ruta Locura modification.


Prior to 2016


Camera Case

Camera Tripods

Pacer Poles


A Warm Hat


Footwear and Socks


Food, cups and pots.


Mugs and Cups

One Pot

Freeze Dried Food


Jetboil Stoves

Jetboil Ruta Locura modification.

Jetboil Sol Ti long term perspective

The tale of 2 Jetboil Sol Ti’s

My thoughts on the Primus ETA Lite and the Jetboil Sol Ti


HMG, SMD etc.

Aarn Featherlite Freedom

Goosamer Gear Gorilla (2009)

Haglöfs LIM 45


Comparing 2 Tarptents the Notch and the Stratospire 1

Reflections on the use of the Tarptent Notch in Lapland

The tale of 2 Tarptents, the Notch and the Moment

Tramplite Shelter



Why I prefer Klymit Mattresses


3 Responses to Gear: What Works for me

  1. Lars Veibye Johansen says:

    Hi again 🙂
    Have you ever tried the Laufbursche Huckpack ??
    Im using the HMG Porter 4400 but thinking of the Huckpack.
    Im just worried that there is no air between the pack and my back. So no ventilation !!
    Thx again for a great blog/website 🙂

    • Hi Lars, yes I have seen and tried on a Laufbursche Huckepack, possibly the first iteration of the pack. I have seen some more recently on the Coast 2 Coast Sweden walk. They are well made and very appealing packs, however, I have been happy with my HMG packs and have not seen the need to look elsewhere. If I was to move away from HMG packs it would be to a pack that had some sort of fabric to aid breathability between the pack and the back. Having said that, however, I have also found that with careful clothing section “back sweat” is less of an issue.

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