European walking Paths

Following are links to posts that are related to either the E1 or E6


Full details on the E1 can be found here


Sliding along the Hærvejen: Vejen to Padborg

Hærvejen: Nørre Snede to Vejen

 Hærvejen: Viborg to Nørre Snede

Hjøllund to Aarhus; Bryrupbanenstien and the Silkeborg Aarhus trail.

MolsRuten Aarhus to Grenaa


E1: Sjuhäradsleden, Mullsjö to Borås

E1: Vildmarksleden and Sjuhäradsleden, Kåsjön to Borås

E1: Hallandsleden, Fjärås to Varberg

E1: Hallandsleden and Bohusleden, Fjärås to Jonsered

Varberg and the C2C Sweden


Nordkalotteleden, see separate Page

Nordlandsruta: Kvikkjokk to Umbukta Fjellstue.

Nordlandsruta: The preliminary round; Kvikkjokk to Sulitjelma

Nordlandsruta: Sulitjelma to Lønstua

Nordlandsruta: Kvitsteindalstunet to Umbukta Fjellstue, the end.


Full details on the E6 can be found here


Gendarmstien: Padborg to Skelde Kobbleskov E6

Gendarmstien: Høruphav to Broager via Skelde Kobbleskov E6

 Svendborg to Nyborg 

Korsør to Hvalsø

Kastrup to Roskilde

Denmark Alternative

E6: Helsingør to Fredensborg


 Around Häckeberga

Along the North South Trail

Along the Nord to Sydleden: Hörlinge gård til Vittsjö

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