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What works for me: One pot

On my most recent long trips I have used the Jetboil Sol Ti, but there has always been one pot which I have considered when packing for a trip, it is the Evernew 900 ml (ECA 252). I purchased this … Continue reading

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Österlenleden: Into the Beech, Vitemölla, Hörräd and Brösarp

I was disappointed that I was leaving the beach and entering the forest, it had been a very enjoyable and rewarding walk along the coast, and the thought of walking in the forests was not very appealing, but as you … Continue reading

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BPL UK Pocket Stove: Wood Burning

I had an opportunity today to explore the possibility of using the BPL UK Pocket Stove in wood burning mode and my view is that it will boil water in this mode and is better than some wood burning stoves, … Continue reading

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Röstånga to Klövahallar: Gear Reflections

As I indicated in my post on Röstånga to Klövahallar, part of my plan for this trip was to try some new gear, which is always a good reason (if you need one) to go hiking. Pack: I used the Aarn … Continue reading

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Röstånga to Klövahallar

Ever since my return from Lapland last summer, I have been planning my summer 2011 trip. The plan is to walk from Kvikkjokk to Abisko along the Nordkalottleden, a distance of approximately 400 km over 20 days. As a result … Continue reading

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Lerjrevallen to Östafors

Ever since returning from Lapland I have spent a lot of time thinking about gear and planning for my next visit in 2011. For 2011 I intend to cover approximately 300 kms over about 20 days without resupply, which requires … Continue reading

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Evernew Sidewinder

My first titanium pot was the Evernew 900 ml pot, which I have owned for about 7 years. Sometimes I stop using it but then I return. For me it is lightweight and the width of the pot ensures that … Continue reading

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