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Why I prefer Klymit mattresses, updated.

In early 2015 I wrote of my appreciation for Klymit mats, which has been the most visited gear post on this blog. At that time of writing the features of the Klymit mat which appealed to me were The mat … Continue reading

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Why am I not using Pacer Poles, at the moment?

As many of my readers know I have been a long term user of Pacer Poles, with one of the most important aspects in my view being the handles. However, it is the handles which are the only drawback for … Continue reading

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Rethinking Navigation

I grew up in an era where paper maps and Silva compasses were the main navigation tools, possibly accompanied with a Prismatic Compass for sighting. The advent of GPS’s, mobile phones and other electronic paraphernalia have begged the question “What … Continue reading

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Camera gear Update

During my rehabilitation  from a knee injury along with the strengthening  of the ligaments around my knee I have been focussing on losing weight and developing efficiency in my gear selections. I have also been reconsidering the type of hiking I am … Continue reading

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Why I prefer Klymit Mattresses

See my updated post here I have been hiking and camping for a while and have tried many different mattress starting with a straw filled hessian bag and over the years I have moved from sleeping on the ground to … Continue reading

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What Works for me: Camera Tripods

I like to take photographs, and have done ever since I started hiking more than 40 years ago. Over the years I have always upgraded to better cameras and now that I have arrived  in the Digital age it is … Continue reading

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What works for me: Rucksacks, backpacks

When I first started backpacking with the Boy Scouts I carried a pack, but I cannot recall what it was. But I do recall my first A framed pack which was similar to this one. I recall happily using this … Continue reading

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