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Why I prefer Klymit mattresses, updated.

In early 2015 I wrote of my appreciation for Klymit mats, which has been the most visited gear post on this blog. At that time of writing the features of the Klymit mat which appealed to me were The mat … Continue reading

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Why I prefer Klymit Mattresses

See my updated post here I have been hiking and camping for a while and have tried many different mattress starting with a straw filled hessian bag and over the years I have moved from sleeping on the ground to … Continue reading

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What works for me: Mattresses

Yep I love sleeping, especially after a long days walk. I can sleep in many situations even under the 24 hour sunshine in Lapland (a Buff is your friend). As I have grown older, sleeping has remained easy, but rising … Continue reading

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Western Mountaineering Flash Vest

I am a great believer in down for warmth and also appreciate the quality of Western Mountaineering sleeping bags and clothing. Last year on my trip in Lapland along the Nordkalottleden I used a Western Mountaineering Megalite sleeping bag which … Continue reading

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Gear Reflections Lapland 2011

I thought I would describe the gear I used and how it performed for this instalment of the report of my trip along the Nordkalottleden. The final report on the trip will appear soon.  Packing Aarn Natural Balance The Aarn … Continue reading

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Röstånga to Klövahallar: Gear Reflections

As I indicated in my post on Röstånga to Klövahallar, part of my plan for this trip was to try some new gear, which is always a good reason (if you need one) to go hiking. Pack: I used the Aarn … Continue reading

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