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Gossamer Gear Gorilla, and a modification.

During 2009, I used a Gossamer Gear Gorilla for a number walks and was impressed with it, and wrote briefly about it here . However, with trips requiring bigger loads planned I moved away from the Gorilla to bigger tougher packs, ultimately … Continue reading

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What works for me: Rucksacks, backpacks

When I first started backpacking with the Boy Scouts I carried a pack, but I cannot recall what it was. But I do recall my first A framed pack which was similar to this one. I recall happily using this … Continue reading

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Gear Observations: Gendarmstien

For this trip I was expecting snow and temperatures in the range of -15 to -5 degrees C with possibly some snow falls and mild winds, which turned out to be correct. Some of my gear reflections follow. Sealskinz gloves … Continue reading

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The Aarn Marathon Magic 33

The Marathon Magic is a 33 litre pack made up of a 30 litre main bag and 2 front pockets capable of holding 3 litres in total. There are all sorts of fancy names for the harness system such as … Continue reading

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Gossamer Gear Gorilla

For the trip to the west coast I took the Gossamer Gear Gorilla. The total volume of the pack according to Gossamers Gears website is 46 litres with 39 litres in the main bag section, which seem about right to … Continue reading

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Jotunheimen Gear

Gear selection for a trip is based on many factors such as weight, fit, appropriateness, colour, whether we look good in it as we hike as well as many other factors. The list of gear I used for this trip … Continue reading

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Packing for Lapland: McHale Packs

I expect when hiking for 10 days in Lapland that my pack weight including food and water may be as high as 16 kg and as a consequence I need to choose wisely with my rucksack and how it is … Continue reading

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