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Why am I not using Pacer Poles, at the moment?

As many of my readers know I have been a long term user of Pacer Poles, with one of the most important aspects in my view being the handles. However, it is the handles which are the only drawback for … Continue reading

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What works for me: Shelters

A look at the Tarptents Stratospire and the Notch. Most of my readers will know that I prefer to hike with pacer poles, which I have used for the last 8 years or so my review of them can be found … Continue reading

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Tin Mine Cove to Five Mile Beach: A wander across northern Wilsons Promontory

It was many years ago that I first visited the Northern end of Wilson Promontory. My first trip in the mid 60’s was with a group of scouts and we walked out along the 5 mile road then to the … Continue reading

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What works for me: Gloves

Joe wrote an excellent post 4 years ago about gloves and a lot of what is written still rings true with me, I encourage you to either read or reread the post. Gloves like most pieces of clothing are individual … Continue reading

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What works for me: Pacer Poles

I first started using hiking poles back in 2002, they were a set of Leki Poles complete with shock absorption, I soon learnt how to turn the shock absorption off. They were heavy, seeking out lighter poles I came across … Continue reading

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MLD Cricket, my initial experiences.

The MLD Cricket Tarp needs little introduction. It was originally named the the Solo Trailstar but later renamed to the cricket. Thus its origins lie in the pentagonal pyramid design of the Trailstar, albeit smaller. However unlike its bigger brother … Continue reading

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Reflections on the use of the Tarptent Notch in Lapland

I have written previously on the comparison of the Tarptent Notch and the Moment and as I have now used the Notch for 15 nights, of which 11 were in Lapland, I felt it was time to describe my experiences and … Continue reading

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