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Rethinking Cooking

Most of my trips in the foreseeable future will be shorter trips and in such cases an alcohol stove is a better option than a gas stove such as the Jetboil. The Jetboil remains my personal choice for quick water … Continue reading

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Čuhčajavri to Nikkaluokta, the end.

As always I awoke early, with the plan for the day descending to the Kungsleden and then climbing up along the Sinnijohka the Sinnivaggi and camp high from which I could set out the following day to climb Kebnekaise then … Continue reading

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What works for me: Gloves

Joe wrote an excellent post 4 years ago about gloves and a lot of what is written still rings true with me, I encourage you to either read or reread the post. Gloves like most pieces of clothing are individual … Continue reading

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What works for me: Mugs and cups

When it comes to choosing a drinking vessel whether it be a mug, cup or a pot it is very much a personal choice. Over the years I have tried many, sometimes my choices have been driven by fashion, other … Continue reading

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Jetboil Sol Ti Long term perspective

I purchased a Jetboil Sol Ti in June 2011 since then I have used it on 2 trips to Lapland as well as many local trips.  In total I have used it for more than 50 nights, boiling more than … Continue reading

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