We are a Danish/Australian couple who share common interests, in particular, a love of the outdoors especially hiking and camping. This site reflects our interests and intends to share our experiences.

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  1. Christine says:

    We are planning a trekk on the E1 starting from Kilpisjarvi (FI) to Absiko (overlaps with the Nordkalottleden). The 2nd section is from Abisko to
    Hostel Riksgränsen (Swedish-Norwegian border) into Norway to Guardian Home, Oallavagge, Cunojávrihytta, Cáihnavággihytta, Gautelishytta, Skoaddejávre, Sitashytta, Baugebua, Paurohytta. Røysvatn and then Ritsem or Vaisaluokta in Sweden. And the 3rd section is from Ritsem or Vaisaluokta to Kvikkjokk. Have you walked any of these sections? I’ve browsed through your web pages (amazing thank you!) but I got lost through your trips …you’ve walked so much it’s incredible! If you can at all help, I would be very greatful.

    Here’s my email: lucacolnago@yahoo.it
    Thanks and kind regards

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