Why I prefer Klymit mattresses, updated.

In early 2015 I wrote of my appreciation for Klymit mats, which has been the most visited gear post on this blog.

At that time of writing the features of the Klymit mat which appealed to me were

  • The mat is rectangular in shape so I am not forever trying to keep my legs on the mat.
  • The body mapped baffles make it one of the most comfortable mats I have slept on
  • There is no tendency to “roll off” as there is with the Xlite range from Therm-a-Rest

The main disadvantage of the Klymit mats is they tend to be heavier than the equivalent offerings from Therm-a-Rest but weight is not everything, especially when a good nights sleep is required.

I felt it was time to update my views and usage of Klymit mats.

Nowadays, I use the Insulated Static V lite all year round, which has the same dimensions as the Regular Insulated Mat, but weighs 560 grams on my scales, a saving of 144 grams, whilst retaining the same US R value of 4.4.


The weight saving is achieved through the use of 30 denier Polyester fabric as opposed to 75 denier Polyester on the regular mattress.

In use, as I always carry a short CCF sit mat and place it under the hip area of the mattress to provide a little extra insulation and cushioning when I am side sleeping. The CCF pad also helps to limit the  sliding of the mattress on the tent floor.

Klymit Customer Service.

Recently, I was having difficulty with the valve on the mattress, it would not close and twist as it should. When placed in warm water everything worked well but once dry it returned to working intermittently. I contacted Klymit through their web page contact form and within 2 days I received a reply, providing a link to a video on how to replace the valve and an offer of a valve.

I accepted the offer and in under a week a new valve had arrived in Denmark from the USA. Replacing the valve was simple and the mattress is now as good as new. Such customer service is another reason why I still prefer Klymit mattresses as well as their X Pillow.

A new Klymit UL Insulated Mat

In partnership with Klymit, Massdrop a bulk buying cooperative in the USA released lighter version of the Insulated Static V lite, the lighter weight (498 gm) on my scales is achieved by narrowing the pad to 20″ from the original 23″ and tapering it at the foot end, whilst retaining the body mapping. Further weight reduction is achieved by the use of 20 D fabric, which is noticeably slipperier than the original 30 D fabric.

I also noted that they have changed the valve arrangement to one similar to the Klymit Cush, which I prefer.


The following photo compares the two mattress.


The UL mat placed on top of the V Lite


So far I have only used it for one night but have noticed that even being narrower the side rail, reduces the tendency to “roll off” than with a horizontal (cross) baffled mat.

More mattress testing will be required, before a final conclusion on which will accompany me on my trips.


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7 Responses to Why I prefer Klymit mattresses, updated.

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  2. When it comes to sleeping pads, and extra three inches of width can be a surprising amount.

    Nice write up, as always.

    • Thanks John, agreed the extra 3″ does make a difference, I was perhaps more surprised by how supportive and comfortable the narrow mattress was. The narrower mattress also fits my Notch well. For comfortable trips it will be the wider mat

  3. Hej Roger,
    Du er en ægte problemknuser.
    Jeg har lige et enkelt spørgsmål: Da du satte den nye ventil på plads krævede det vel et ret fast tryk. Gjorde du noget særligt for at beskytte bagsiden af underlaget, så “valve-housing” ikke beskadigede dette ved det høje tryk?
    vh ib

    • Thanks Ib, there is always a solution sometimes it is more difficult to find than others. I followed the video instructions, laid the mat on table (no extra padding) and pushed the valve in till it clicked into place. I did not use any sealant or glue to seal it. It really is an easy fix. I also suggested to Klymit that they should make the valves available to distributors in other countries.

  4. Velimir says:

    Using same pillow but just cant get used of it as a side sleeper I find it to low…In warm weather you can push your pillow under your mat so it gets a bit higher..

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