Furesø, waiting for sunrise

I set off after dinner and headed to one of the many camping sites adjacent to Furesø (lake). Locating a spot I settled down to relax, drinking tea and enjoying the evening.


As the light faded, the clouds gradually gained the pink hue as the sun set. The birds began to seek their homes for the night, while I sat wrapped up in my Astucas Poncho, watching the ever-changing sky and the movement of the birds.


I awoke early in the morning and quickly recognised that I had the perfect location for the sunrise, and with minimal effort I could settle down to watch the changing cloud patterns which provided the canvas for the changing colours in the sky.


Gradually the sun approached as early morning cloud drifted across the sky.


The forever changing light and cloud shapes had me clicking away looking for that one perfect shot.


Whether I got the perfect shot or not, is not important it was the ability to be able to witness the sunrise on such a beautiful morning, that made my day.


The sun lit up forest and the lake surrounds as the birds welcomed the new day.


Before long there was activity on the lake, firstly the water birds soon followed by the kayakers and rowers in their sleek sculls.


As the forest came alive to cyclists, joggers and walkers it was time to leave, after another relaxing and reinvigorating night out.

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6 Responses to Furesø, waiting for sunrise

  1. Hanna says:

    What a great idea to stay out at night. The pictures are wonderful!!

    • Thanks Hanna, there were other families camped around Furesø and I wonder if they saw the sunrise as well. It was a beautiful sunrise, one of the best I have seen again proving you do not need to go far to enjoy nature.

  2. AlanR says:

    The pictures really are nice as Hanna says. A fishing rod may have provided breakfast.

    • Thanks Alan, it was one of those fortuitous locations where everything came together. As for fishing the water is quite shallow and the resident Heron (who I disturbed) may not have been happy with me catching its breakfast.

  3. Nice photos, a good reward for an early start!

    • Thanks Mark, seeing the sunrise requires a certain amount of commitment, I was very happy to be in the right place at the right time. Now the sunrise has moved a few degrees and this spot is no longer “the place to be”.

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