Calm after the storm

The thunderstorms and heavy rain had passed, so I set off to one of my favourite lakes, Farum Sø. Soon I had located a campsite and was relaxing enjoying the late evening sunshine.



If you look closely the photos below you can see the insects rising from the water, occasionally chased by a small fish, fortunately there were no mosquitos.


The evening was spent relaxing watching the ever changing colours of the sky and the ducks passing by with the occasional fish jumping in the deeper water …


… the sky gradually darkened and became pinker as sunset approached.


I went to bed relaxed.

I awoke for the first time in many trips to a very warm tent Soon I was outside appreciating the still water and crystal clear skies. Again much time was spent just relaxing and appreciating the environment around me.



Whilst sitting drinking my tea, I was surprised to see an Otter swim past oblivious to me. It was quickly gone and the water returned to its calm state.


Ultimately I packed up and headed home, after another enjoyable and restorative camp.

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