Camønoen: Møns Geo Centre to Klintholm Havn

Summer had finally arrived in Denmark and with a visitor from Australia it seemed like the ideal time for a short overnighter along the coast. Coincidently I had recently been made aware of Camønoen, a collection of trails around the three islands of Møns (famous for its UNESCO World Heritage recognised White Cliffs), Nyord and Bogø. Given there was so many sections along the coastline, it seemed like the ideal location for a short overnighter.

After 2 hours on public transport we arrived, with many others, on the bus at Møns Geo Centre  a place worth spending time at, but as it was peak season it was rocking with many day tourists taking the opportunity to explore the area and visit the displays.

We quietly slipped around the back of the centre and onto the board walk which would take us westwards towards Klintholm Havn.



The first section of the trail follows the cliff line through Beech forests providing shade on this sunny day as well as glimpses of the white cliffs and turquoise waters. Soon we had reached a set of shelters and chose here to stop for lunch. Three of the four shelters were already occupied but we were happy to sit on a log and enjoy the cool breeze in the forest.


Filling up on water here, as we expected to have a dry camp we set off westwards finally descending to the lighthouse and the open planes.


Returning to the forest at Busene, we followed the road and then the coast line before locating a campsite, which obviously was well used but was clean. Having setup camp we relaxed watching boats of all shapes and sizes cruise by, as well as the occasional walkers and many sea birds. It was a special place, both relaxing and invigorating.


Water temperature was tested and found to be suitable for paddling.


A lot of time was spent admiring the changing light as the sun gradually descended toward the horizon.


We awoke to a calm but slightly hazy morning, with only about 4 kilometres to walk there was no rush to leave, and we did not. Soon there were many yachts heading eastwards from there overnight moorings at Klintholm Havn. We wandered along the coastline experience sandy sections, gravelly sections, but the variety keep us entertained, as did the changing scenery out to sea;


and the changing landscape from cliffs to open grassland. What was apparent as we followed the shoreline was that being holiday time, many persons were camped in any point they could find, as well many were out getting as much sun as they could.


Before too long we had reached journeys end, and took the time to relax and appreciate how refreshing short overnight walk can be. Equally we were grateful for excellent weather and the variety of beachscapes we walked along.










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2 Responses to Camønoen: Møns Geo Centre to Klintholm Havn

  1. I purchased the Camønoen trekking map in June. I’ve been planning a trip down there since I heard about it earlier this year. Hopefully I will be there in the Autumn. Thanks for your report Roger.

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