Camping not Hiking

Many of my regular readers will have noticed that I have been inactive with regards to trail reports over the past few months, initially this was because of an injury to my knee. However, once that had recovered, another more serious health issue arose resulting in a series of treatments and less activity. But now I am beginning to look outdoors again.

For the time being the focus will be on camping as opposed to long distance hiking, that is, trips of short distance to nice camping locations here in Denmark or further afield. As I began to think about camping spots in Denmark I began to scroll through my many photos looking at locations which I have enjoyed over the years. It is these campsites that have kept me going outdoors, no matter the weather or the location.

With the multitude of beaches in Denmark there is never a shortage of sand to camp on. At this location perhaps the most entertaining aspect was the fishing trawler, fully loaded with duck hunters, criss crossing its path trying to shoot sitting ducks. My impression was that no ducks were harmed, but much alcohol was consumed.


I seem to have camped a lot in winter, here along the Gendarmstien, looking across to Flensburg, in winter there are not many people around but despite the cold I was happy.




Possibly my most memorable night was along the Gendarmstien, I have camped in this location several times, there is no water, no facilities but provides an excellent view across Flensborg Fjord to Germany.


Avnø Fjord in winter is a quiet area, providing some beautiful locations for a night of relaxation.



My fondest camping memories are on the west coast of Denmark. The coast line offers such a rich area for exploration and camping, providing extensive views both east and west, there is nothing like going to sleep to sounds of the waves pounding on the shore. The downside of the west coast is the wind, which can limit the camping options.


It is not always sunny, but this forest along King Valdemars Road provided a mystical setting for the night.


There will be other campsites in the coming months, stay tuned.




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14 Responses to Camping not Hiking

  1. Dondo says:

    Sorry to hear about your health problems, Roger. IMO, miles are irrelevant. The important thing is just to get out. I’m looking forward to seeing your photos and reading your reports in the months ahead.

    • Thanks Dondo, as you get older life throws more challenges at you. I agree distance is less important than enjoyment, there will be ample photos of campsites near and far, I hope.

    • Thanks Hanna, yes health issues tend to appear when you least expect them and then you get somewhat frustrated when you can’t do what you could before, possibly pushing yourself to far to cause more damage. For me, it is very much about rehabilitation and finding those out of the way campsites that make travelling in this country so much fun.

  2. Hanna says:

    Thank you for an inspiring post. Your find of campsites are looking incredibly tempting. I’ve got some health problems myself. I’m trying to train myself with a program from a physiotherapist, last resort is surgery.
    All good wishes for quick recovery. Sometimes resting is just as important as exercise, so I’ve learned by the hard way 🙂
    All the best,

  3. I must admit to being one to head out for an over nighter reasonably close to a road head just to clear to head & enjoy being in the outdoors; I agree with Dondo “miles are irrelevant”

  4. Warren says:

    A great photo essay of both beautiful camp sites and ultralight shelters.

  5. André says:

    I agree with the rest. Just get out there and enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you walked there for hours or just went by bus/train/car and walked down to a nice spot and spent the night outside.

    Get well soon!

  6. Velimir says:

    Roger as all of the above. Just get out and enjoy the healings of nature as I call the sounds when you are in the forest or close to the water. Going out to clear your head, recharge the batteries and get back on the feet is more important to all the miles…..the Shangri la winter pic looks as serious cold winter camping!

    Waiting for more nice photos of tempting camping spots:)

    • Thanks Velimir, it was certainly a cold and snowy trip, which apart from from some really deep drifts of snow was quite enjoyable as I was well prepared for the cold, much to the surprise of a group who stayed in lean dos nearby with a massive fire, I suspect I was warmer. Trips planned stay tuned for the one photos of campsites, albeit with less snow.

  7. Inger says:

    Some beautiful camp sites! Lovely just to get out there, despite not being able to hike:)

    • I have begun to realise just how many campsites that I have enjoyed over my many years of hiking, it is these sites along with those special views and experiences that make hiking and the outdoors so special.

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