Ruta Locura Jetboil modification

I have been a long term user of the Jetboil, and one of its only draw backs, in my view, is its weight. However, Ruta Locura have developed a modification which utilises a 24 gram gas burner from China. The burner, BRS-3000T,  was favourably reviewed by Roger Caffin at (membership required) and to date I have found it to be a reliable burner. The only downside in my opinion is the aluminium thread which connects the burner to the canister, a brass thread would be a better option (see my experiences with the original Jetboil burner here)


The Ruta Locura modification includes, the burner, a Carbon Fibre lid and 2 circular discs of titanium foil to mount the burner and to protect the gas canister from the reflected heat. The latter disc provides the added advantage of being able to store the burner within the heat exchanger section of the pot allowing more storage space within the pot. A full review by Ryan Jordan of this system can be found here (membership required).

The following picture shows the upper disc which is used to sit the burner supports on, note that the burner easily fits inside the heat exchanger of the pot.P6110083

What are the weight benefits?

My standard Jetboil Sol Ti, including pot, Jetboil lid and burner with piezo ignition weighs in at 248 grams

Using the modified setup that is Carbon fibre lid, Ti pot, 2 Titanium discs and BRS 3000T burner weighs in at 160 grams, as saving of 88 grams.

How does it perform?

To date I have only used it a couple of times, but have been impressed there appears to be only a small increase in the boil time of the water and very little change in gas usage, that is, I can still use 12 grams of gas to boil 1 litre of water, allowing me to get 5 days out of a 100 gm gas canister.

The gas canister heat shield disc can be used in 2 ways, either around the shaft of the burner as shown below,


or inserted into the heat exchanger, below, in which case it provides more wind protection to the burner, but may impact on the burners efficiency with a possible increase in CO production. In this configuration, lighting the burner is also more difficult.


When the lower disc is located around the shaft of the burner I did note one drawback in a mild breeze, the disc tends to flip flop around, this may or may not affect the efficiency.



Is 88 grams worth the expense?

Maybe, maybe not, is my answer, for me it is less about the weight but more about the packability. Using the BRS3000T I can utilise the inner space of the Sol pot for other items, including 2 by 100 gm canisters (by inverting the Carbon Fibre lid). The BRS3000T burner can also be used as a stand alone burner without the need to carry the dedicated Jetboil pot Support, which is ideal if you are using a titanium cup such as the Evernew 400 ml cup. As an added bonus the Evernew 400 ml cup fits the heat exchanger snugly, this protecting the whole unit in transit.


One final note, I purchased from Treadlite Gear a Jetboil stuff sac, shown below, made from Cuben and Dyneema Grid X. I was impressed with the workmanship along with the functionality of such a lightweight piece of gear.



All in all this setup will be my go to gas setup for my upcoming wanders.


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3 Responses to Ruta Locura Jetboil modification

  1. Nice post Roger, I’m making my first tentative steps with a jetboil and have been impressed so far. I too have purchased a rather pretty carry pack from Treadlite

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