Why am I not using Pacer Poles, at the moment?

As many of my readers know I have been a long term user of Pacer Poles, with one of the most important aspects in my view being the handles. However, it is the handles which are the only drawback for me at the moment.


Recently I have been focussing on only using one pole when hiking, my reason being that with one pole I walk slower. However, I always carry the second pole and can grab it if needed. When using only one pole I tend to use it as a hiking staff, with the added bonus I can swap from hand to hand whenever the need arises.  To date I have found this approach successful, though in more rugged country I would likely need to use two poles.

Having read Andrew Skurka’s reviews here and here  I felt that the Cascade Mountain Tech Quick Lock Poles seemed ideal, being slightly lighter than the Pacer Poles, as well as cheaper. I have not been disappointed, they are supportive, feel “solid” and once adjusted correctly do not slip. An added bonus of the “Quick lock” system is the ability to adjust them to set the ideal height for the shelter, a task which is more challenging with twist locks.

Some details:

Pacer Poles Carbon Fibre Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fibre
Weight (pair) 544 gm. 456 gm.
Fully extended length 135 cm 139 cm
Packed length 65 cm 65 cm

As can be seen in the photo below the extra length of the Cascade poles makes them ideal for use as a staff.


I have also found it easier to setup the Cascade pole as a monopod for use with a mini ball head (possibly redundant) along with the Neewer Fish Bone Style Mini Quick Release and an Ultra-pod, as shown below, providing a more stable mount than the Pacer Pole camera mount which I have used previously.



Will I return to Pacer Poles, I expect so, as I recognise the benefits of the handle and the propulsion that the Pacer Poles provide. However, if I am just out for a wander then it is more than likely the Cascade Mountain poles will accompany me. For those wondering I purchased the Cascade Mountain Poles through eBay in the UK.

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2 Responses to Why am I not using Pacer Poles, at the moment?

  1. Hanna says:

    Great informative post, thanks! 🙂

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