Late evening Farum Sø

A quick overnight was on the cards so I set off, camera in hand to find a spot to watch the sunset and the sunrise.


The mosquitos were kept at bay by a pleasant breeze off the water.


Meanwhile the clouds were building in the North East.


By morning it was grey and cloudy with a much cooler breeze, and with no sunrise to watch, I set off early and was home in time for breakfast.

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6 Responses to Late evening Farum Sø

  1. André says:

    What tent are you using for this trip? Hilleberg?

    • Andre, you are very observant. I got the chance to try an Enan. I have used a few single hope shelters, and thinks this is possibly the best (apart from weight) It goes up quickly, is taught and above all else the inner looks like it was designed to fit the shelter. All in all worth a look.

  2. Good to see you out and about as ever. Hope you get a few more in over the summer

  3. Inger says:

    Beautiful captures and such a lovely atmosphere! 🙂

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