There and back to see how far it is.

Living near Copenhagen, we are fortunate  to have many forests and most of which include  camping sites where you can spend a night or two just enjoying the outdoors. A quick look at the map here (only in Danish) will soon show all the sites from free camping areas (Frit teltningsområde),  big camping areas usually with more than one shelter (Stor lejrplads), and smaller places, possibly without a shelter, (Lille lejrplads). Living so close to so many places I often question why I need to travel for a few hours if all I want to do is enjoy some down time adjacent to a lake, or a beach.  So late in the evening I set off to Farum Sø, where there are a total of 5 campsites around the lake,  intended for use by all, but especially suited to kayakers and canoeists.

2016-05-20 19.55.38-2

The weather was muggy but mostly clear as I set up the tent adjacent to the lake, at a location I have visited many times before.

However, I noticed a big difference this time, because it was late in the evening the ducks were cruising and feeding close to the shoreline and did not care how close I was. They just happily cruised and grazed as I watched from nearby and a little later from the tent as the mosquitos became a little more persistent. This pattern of cruising and grazing appeared to continue through out the night.

2016-05-20 21.10.34

I awoke just before sunrise and was treated to perhaps one of the best sunrises I have ever seen, with the sun as well as a jet trail reflected on the calm lake as the mist began to rise.

2016-05-21 05.04.12

I left early and continued along the lake passing two other vantage points before climbing away finally heading home.

2016-05-21 06.25.49


2016-05-21 06.34.18

It had been a very enjoyable and pleasant overnight without the hassles of planning, cooking or juggling transport connections.

Trip summary

Distance walked: about 5 km.

Net elevation gain: not much.

Net elevation loss: even less.

Enjoyment level: 100%

Main regret: Only bringing my phone camera.

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3 Responses to There and back to see how far it is.

  1. Some fine photos there Roger even if it was with a phone camera.

  2. I mainly use iPhone for photos because the are light to carry and easy to use. Looking for a lightweight camera for my trips, but uncertain at present what to put on my list to consider.

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