Rethinking Cooking

Most of my trips in the foreseeable future will be shorter trips and in such cases an alcohol stove is a better option than a gas stove such as the Jetboil. The Jetboil remains my personal choice for quick water boiling as well as efficiency over trips longer than about 5 days.


Alcohol burners

A while ago I was watching  Flatcat Gear video and was very impressed by the Bobcat Mini. I purchased one and was impressed by the quality and how the 600 ml evernew pot sat well on the windshield and combined with the press stud closure it was easily rolled up and stored in a compact cylinder inside the pot. Furthermore the press stud closure also enabled a 900 ml evernew pot to use the same windshield.

I was soon experimenting  with dry baking using Esbit as well as boiling water using a range of alcohol burners.



I found that for water boiling the Speedster 20 ml burner was ideal, whereas the supplied Bobcat miniburner was perhaps a little thirsty for every day use.

However, for simple water boiling, you cannot beat the Traildesigns Sidewinder, shown below partnered with the Evernew 600 ml pot. Nowadays I use the Speedster 20 ml burner with this cone, using a full burner ( about 14 gm of alcohol) I can boil 450 ml of water with a small amount of fuel left over.


When packed everything, including lighter, burner and cone along with a small fuel bottle packs into the pot, providing a compact and lightweight kit for an overnighter.


And below, fuel bottle inside the pot with plenty of space for other items


My luxury item is the 450ml Snowpeak double insulated mug, which can be used for any hot beverage and you do not burn your lips when drinking from it, here partnered with a RutaLocura Carbon Fibre lid. Another benefit of a titanium mug is the coffee does not taste like tomato soup …

2016 03 19 12 49 38

So which set up will I carry, well it depends. However, my preference is the Sidewinder and Speedster burner for it low weight (circa. 130 gm) and small pack size.

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8 Responses to Rethinking Cooking

  1. Enjoyed the write up!

    You ever notice how much we spend just on cooking systems… lol… what is it about the need to buy and try so many different cooking systems. I sometimes wonder if I have spent more money on cooking systems than the rest of my gear put together /doh/

    It is hard to give up that JBSolTi though, eh!

    • Thanks John, yes it does seem we spend a lot on cooking gear, it is somewhat cheap and fun to experiment with. I still have several pots, burners etc. that I do not use, and have settled on the Jetboil or Evernew sidewinder setup as my primary cooking options. The Jetboil Sol is great and for my purposes no changes are required.

  2. cenazwalker says:

    I’m really interested to try dry baking, having never done it. A warm muffin on a cold fall morning sounds nice.

    • Thanks Chad, dry baking is pretty easy especially with the availability of the premixed cakes, pancakes etc. I am not sure if I could be bothered on a long trip, but it is fun and certainly I would never reject a freshly baked muffin on a cold morning.

  3. Thanks for the tip on the Speedster 20ml Roger. I’ve used it all through the summer and I am completely sold.

  4. Terje says:

    I saw the Speedster burner in action this weekend at Gurre Lake.
    What does it do better than the originally 12-10-burner, that is delivered with most Caldera Cones?
    mvh Terje :O)

    • Thanks for stopping by Terje, I think the Speedster (or Zelph Starlyte) are better burners for the smaller pots whereas the 12-10 is good for the 1300 ml pots. Packability of the speedster/Zelph burner is much better. Personally I prefer the Zelph because of its build quality as well the plastic seal is more reliable than the Speedster screw top. However, the 20 ml speedster fits nicely into the 600 ml Evernew sidewinder system. In the end they all boil water, so maybe it is more about packability and how you carry your fuel.

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