You don’t have to go far, or high, to enjoy the outdoors.

It had been a while since I visited Buresø and with spring in the air I decided to take a walk along the Mølleådalen which connects with Farum Sø. The weather was cool (below 5C) and with rain/snow predicted for late April.

I set off from the car park and quickly descended to the trail, before long it was sleeting as I wandered. There were very few people around at this hour of the morning so I had the forest to myself. Soon I was crossing the main road and following the shore line of Buresø, my intention was to stop at the shelter adjacent to the lake, but as it was occupied I continued on to Bastrup tower, locating a comfortable place atop the tower. I decided it was coffee time, just as the rain began to fall. Not to be deterred I sat in the light rain watching the birds on the lake as well as the changing wave patterns as the breeze and showers passed by.


Soon the rain cleared, but the temperatures remained cool.


As I left the top of the tower, I turned to watch the ever changing cloud patterns, before continuing my journey towards Farum Sø.


From Bastrup Sø the Mølleådalen takes you through farmland and forest as it follows the Mølleåean downstream, ultimately depositing the walker at the head of Farum Sø. I was now on familiar ground and with lunch beckoning I located a spot to sit and watch the lake, just as the rain began to fall. I cooked lunch in the rain.

However, as the rain stopped, I was soon rewarded with some wonderful views when breeze dropped and the lake calmed.


With barely a ripple on the water I sat mesmerised by the ever changing patterns of the clouds reflected in the lake.

All too soon the breeze sprung up, and I knew it was time to leave, having spent an enjoyable day out in the local forests.

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4 Responses to You don’t have to go far, or high, to enjoy the outdoors.

  1. AlanR says:

    Lovely spot.

  2. Thanks Alan and the weather was perfect for watching the world go by.

  3. Sheila Scorziello says:

    Gorgeous, but what are you cooking the coffee in?

  4. Thanks Sheila, I use a Jetboil Sol ti gas stove (pictured in the header the post) either with a plunger or when lazy I use instant coffee.

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