Seen along the trail: Farum Sø Path

I went for a wander along the banks of Farum Sø, a couple of weeks back. It was a cool but increasingly sunny day as I followed the lake path southwards.

Passing under the motorway and the railway line, all was calm on the Mollean. Soon afterwards a train rattled overhead and the water began to vibrate, before returning to its state of equilibrium.


The buds were beginning to open


In a week or so the forest will again be alive with fresh growth. For now the bird song gave life to the forest.


As I stopped, I admired the tangle of timber, reeds and trees bowing down to meet the lake.


A perfect place to sit and relax


Through the pine plantation you could see the birch trees in the mist.


Coffee and relaxing is always important.


Finally the watch tower overlooking a popular bird watching area on Farum Sø.

2016 03 19 13 39 58

A pleasant walk, made even more enjoyable by the freedom of my Xero sandals.

2016 03 19 11 47 56

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4 Responses to Seen along the trail: Farum Sø Path

  1. hastvam says:

    Beautiful pictures.

  2. hastvam says:

    Sorry. Recognized just now that I commented your post from my inactive username.
    Should of Courteney be from “Trinisla”.
    B rgds

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