Seen along the way: Drakemöllan to Vitemölla

Further to my previous post on the trip from Drakemöllan to Vitemölla, there were many natural and man made objects which attracted my attention photographically, what follows are the ones that I considered to be the most interesting.

I sat drinking coffee and whilst doing so I noticed the light in the beads of water hanging on the grass in the still in the misty heathland of Drakemöllan.


Electric fences are common in Sweden, however, I was impressed by the use of horse shoes for slip rails, an example of recycling.


As I began to leave the shelter of the fishermans huts near Skepparpsgården, I noticed the tones in the weathered timber, I took the time to stop, take photographs and ponder how old the timber was and how the nails had withstood many changes in weather and still held the timber tight.


There were old hinges on the loft doors, the unusually shaped hinge (possibly man made) still appeared to be in working order.


The above collection, highlights to me, the importance of taking the time to notice the world around us as we wander, something that I have often been remiss of.

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4 Responses to Seen along the way: Drakemöllan to Vitemölla

  1. AlanR says:

    Couldn’t agree more with your last sentence. Fantastic clear photo’s.

    • Thanks Alan for the comments on the photo, I was using some fast prime lenses which seemed to help the clarity, a big comparison to the misty cold and damp landscape photos taken at the same time. I intend to take notice of what is around more in the future and focus less on getting to the end.

  2. Love the recycled horse shoes, nice bit of lateral thinking.

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