Heath to Harbour: In Black and White

In 2012 on my trip between Simrisham and Brösarp I passed through Drakamöllan Nature Reserve and was taken by the rolling heath covered hills and since that time it had been on my list to return. It took a while and once I started planning I noticed the adjacent Kumlan Nature reserve so an overnight trip was planned.


The weather was not great as I alighted from the bus, it was gray, windy and cold, not to be deterred I set off towards Kumlan Nature Reserve. I climbed over a number of stiles before reaching the high point with views to the south and east.

I sat there taking in the view and chatted with a local who described all the “rewilding” that was taking place in the area, especially the removal of the pine trees in the reserve.

Soon I was retracing my footsteps over the stiles before entering Drakamöllan Nature Reserve. The contrast here was clearly evident with Kumlan described as a series of sand steps, whereas Drakamöllan consists of rolling heath covered hills.



As I sat supping on my coffee I continued to admire the landscape as the mist waxed and waned in the swirling breeze.


It was getting late as I set off into the forest seeking refuge for the night.

I awoke to another misty morning and the wind seemed to have picked up. I descended from the Skåneleden onto the Backaleden, which I had followed in 2013 I quickly realised that the day would not be one for standing around as I followed the exposed high banks along the south side of the Verkeån. It was quiet as I headed eastwards, with only a pair of hawks scouring the landscape for food. In warmer weather it would be busier but would also in my opinion be a better option the Skåneleden. Ultimately, I descended to the stormy beach with the remains of coastal fortifications adjacent to the Ravlunda firing range evident.


I soon found shelter near some old fishermans huts and relaxed, before the final wander along the wind swept coastline to Vitemölla. It had been a short, cold, but enjoyable trip, which I would happily repeat, albeit in warmer weather when the heath was in flower.


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2 Responses to Heath to Harbour: In Black and White

  1. Hanna says:

    Thanks for this great walk on Österlen. Your view is magnificent even in foggy weather. I’ve been in some part of the region and enjoyed the fantastic landscape very much. Hallamölla is a beautiful place with lots of water at the moment I reckon.
    Wish you more luck with the weather next time!!
    All the best,
    PS It would have been handy with a Twitter button 🙂 I would like to share it!

  2. Thanks Hanna, Twitter button added 😊. You are probably correct about Hallamölla, as the Verkeån was running fast and clearly audible from a long way off. Any trip is a good trip, sunny weather makes it even more enjoyable.

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