A wander around Tisvilde Hegn


Whenever, I am contemplating where to go for a walk, Tisvilde Hegn always springs to mind, with the contrasting perspectives of sea, forests and high points. So with little planning I was off on a grey misty saturday to wander around Troldeskoven, before climbing up to Bangshøj and Harehøje, the site of many burial mounds. In fact the whole area is covered in burial mounds.

Tisvilde Hegn is criss crossed by many forest trails, bike paths, horse riding paths as well as several unofficial paths. It is a popular area and in summer you will always meet runners, walkers, cyclists, but in winter especially early on a Saturday morning it is quieter.

Leaving the railways station I headed towards Troldeskoven, with it twisted Scots Pines dating back to the early 1800’s.


Then it was up to heady heights of Bangshøj (40 metres), I stood in the misty rain watching a dogsled team, on wheels, go past, it was not the first time I have seen dog sledders training out here. Furthermore, I recognised the challenges of training dog sled teams in a country where there is little or no snow.


The ferocity of the recent storms was clearly evident for all to see.


Onwards to Harehøje, passing a standing stone which separated 2 burial mounds, there are 13 burial mounds in this area and many more in Tisvilde Hegn..


Finally, it was time for coffee before heading home.


The coffee was enjoyable, as was the wandering. I will be back,  as there is still many areas to explore and who knows what else to find.

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3 Responses to A wander around Tisvilde Hegn

  1. Hanna says:

    Alas! You have been on my favourite spots Bangshøj, Harehøje and Troldeskoven.
    This is beautiful pictures of Troldeskoven and Enebærdalen. The mist increases the fairytale atmosphere which I find is already there 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!!

    • Thanks for the comment Hanna, I suspect there are many of us who have a soft spot for this area. It is evident to me, that no matter whether it is misty or sunny, early or late it is a beautiful area to visit and spend some time.

      • Hanna says:

        I know you like the dark and misty weather but you must promise me to visit the area in early spring when the leaves are bright green – if you get the opportunity. It might well be on a day when the rain falls quietly 🙂

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