Extracting and Locating

I have been a happy user of the Ruta Locura Sorex stakes for a while, having used both the 6″ and 9″  pegs with a number of shelters.

Recently, I was reading The Lightweight Tramping Gear Blog of Rob McKay as he described the ZPacks Carbon Fibre pegs, as I already owned the Sorex pegs it was with only a cursory interest I stopped by the Z packs page. What I quickly noticed however, was that the Zpack pegs also had a hole near the head to allow the connection of a thin piece of cord, thereby making them easier to extract and locate in the ground.

The lack of such a hole in the Sorex pegs had been, for me, the only downside of the pegs.


Then I got to thinking; the head of the Sorex pegs appears to be a “pop-rivet” with a hole in the centre and after some careful searching and experimentation I came up with the solution for attaching a cord. The solution required the inserting of a short self tapping screw into the hole of the rivet.



A piece of cord was then looped around the screw before finally tightening the screw. There was one of the pegs where the head began to spin within  the carbon fibre shaft but a bit of epoxy soon solved that problem.

To test the possibility of separation, I have applied a reasonable force to seperate the head from the carbon shaft and to date they have remained intact.

Further testing in the field is now required.



Finally the weights

15 cm (6″) were 6 grams, now 7.5 grams.

22 cm (9″) were 7.5 grams, now 9 grams.


The weight gain, is a small price to pay for the higher visibility.


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3 Responses to Extracting and Locating

  1. Good idea, I ended up putting a short piece of red heat shrink tube on mine after enamel paint flaked off.

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