A six coffee tour

With the HMG Porter packed I was off. The time passed quickly on the train as my eyes were glued to “Coming into the Country” and before long I was disembarking from a bus in Torekov.


No matter what type of weather, a walk along the Bjärekusten will always provide an enjoyable experience with this trip being no different.

Having set off from the bus station, I was soon following the coastline, a journey that I had completed previously. The focus of the trip was not to see new places, but instead to spend some time in the outdoors, visiting an area that I knew would provide stimulation as well as relaxation. With a short walk planned and plenty of time I quickly adopted a rhythm of walking for half an hour and then relaxing, before long I was in Rammsjö Strand. On my last trip here I had bought an ice cream, sadly the store was closed so I was left with sandwiches and water.


After a relaxing lunch, I continued my journey, chatting briefly with a lady as she strode out on her afternoon walk, whilst her husband drove to to the other end of the beach to meet her. This was not the last time I would see a women walking and the male waiting in the car (with the motor running) for his beloved to arrive.

I did not take a lot of photos as I walked, I was content to to take in the scenery. I met few other walkers and spent a lot of time lost in my own thoughts. Ultimately, I arrived at Gryteskär and set up the shelter, it was here that I had my first and second coffee, both of which were sachets of Nescafe Espresso (it is better to use the least tasty first).



I spent time doing not much before cooking dinner, wandering around the area after the sun had set and finally retiring to read more of the book.


Awaking to another grey day with just a hint of sunshine all was quiet, but by 9 am there were joggers, cars and geocache seekers. Yes it was becoming a little crowded. However, there was good news was I was now drinking Starbucks Via coffee and, having drunk one coffee the only option was to have another and continue reading.


Finally packing I set off stopping to take in one last view of the water and the Gryteskär islands, yes I will be back I thought.


I followed the trail around the coastline, noting the increasing development of new and bigger houses as I entered the outskirts of Vejby Strand. Over the past 4 years I have seen the continual development in this area, especially the increasing size of the houses with waterfront views. Such development has made me wonder what the area will be like in a few years time given such rapid development.



Before long I was in Vejby Strand and I settled in to the seats, adjacent to the now closed Glassbåt (Ice cream boat) soon the Jetboil was out and I was making coffee. Ultimately B arrived with more Coffee so we sat  looking over the empty harbour drinking coffee as the locals wandered by.

I am now contemplating whether it should be instant coffee, plunger, drip or mug mate for the next wander. Which would you choose and why?


Perhaps I should also pack a few tasty morsels from this book.


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4 Responses to A six coffee tour

  1. Hanna says:

    Thank you for an inspiring post. I like the way you plan your hikes. Having plenty of time makes it all very relaxing and at the same time leaving you some room to explore if something interesting should appear.
    Good friends have learned me to drink tea, but the best thing I know is to sit by a river and preparing: ‘Kokkaffe’. Kokkaffe is the Swedish name for this lovely phenomena:

    How to boil your coffee? (Swedish language)
    Kokkaffe är en grov malning som lämpar sig för beredning i kaffepanna. När man ”kokar” kaffe doserar man de malda kaffebönorna direkt i en kaffepanna med kallt, friskt vatten. Kaffet ska sedan endast sjuda upp utan att koka och därefter stå och dra i ca 5 minuter. Om kaffet får koka förstörs en del av de fina aromerna och kaffet blir beskare i smaken. Några droppar kallt vatten i pipen hjälper sumpen att sjunka.

    Happy hikes and tasty coffee ❤ 🙂

    • Thanks Hanna, I am trying to change my hiking style to one of let’s go and visit somewhere and investigate, whether it be the landscape, wildlife or just plain being outdoors. As for coffee it seems having coffee breaks (or tea breaks) is a way of taking your time and appreciating what is around you, which is an aspect which I believe to be important and one that I have lost focus on in the past. Your Swedish recipe sounds a lot like “Cowboy coffee”, importantly the coarsely ground coffee should not be boiled. It is on my list for the next trip.



  2. Nice Roger. I cant help admiring your Tramplite and Porter as well!

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