Tentative first steps and a Blood Moon

It had a been a while since I had done an overnighter and with my on going recovery from a knee injury I was now feeling ready to take those first tentative steps.

Prints in the sand

After 3 months of chasing doctors I had been finally told what I already knew, more importantly a Physio indicated a possible recovery plan, but in each case neither in my view really could explain how an underlying condition could flare up so quickly. What helped me most was rest, kinesio tape and the internet, especially for researching where the pain was and what the likely causes were.

Moving on from those concerns I finally felt ready to take a walk, my plan was to do 10 km with an overnight camp (some would call this a micro adventure, I would call it a short overnighter). The weather was good and with the promise of clear skies for the Lunar Eclipse, I started planning a visit to a location which would provide views of the eclipse and ideally the sunset as well.


My partner and I set off in the afternoon, with the warm weather there were many others out taking advantage of the the sunshine. We headed towards the coast line and spent time admiring the waves in the warm afternoon sunshine. Ultimately I headed off, alone, along the sandy foot trail to locate a campsite I had used before. However, nothing seemed the same and I walked past the campsite and soon noticed the sun worshipers adjacent to the “naturist beach”. Realising that I had gone too far, I retraced my steps finally locating the secluded patch of forest. As I set up my Tramplite shelter I immediately felt a sense of “it is great to be back” and as the evening approached the tourists disappeared and the forests became quiet.


I sat on a dune watching the sunset, before retiring for the night with the alarm set for 3:30 am to watch the lunar eclipse.


I slept well and once awake (or almost at least) I set up the camera and looked skywards. Fortunately, I could lay in bed and watch the moon as it was gradually enshrouded by the earth’s shadow. I took many photos as the moon went from a small bite to its red phase. Ultimately, I realised that maybe I needed a bigger camera lens and I would rather go back to sleep,


not before I experimented with time lapse photos just a little.


I awoke later to the sound of a dog barking, I cooked breakfast and packed up and set off for the railway station, it had been a rewarding and relaxing trip.


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3 Responses to Tentative first steps and a Blood Moon

  1. Currently having a knee injury myself I sympathise, Doc reckons it’s probably a piece of detached cartilage. Waiting to see the physio to get it back to full form but contempting a gentle overnighter this weekend to recharge the batteries.

    • Thanks for your comment, Paul, I have come to realise that in many ways it is the camping which I enjoy most, the kilometers are less important. It is then about finding a location that is both appealing whilst providing a sense of “belonging”, it is such places that are special and the ones I return to regularly. The location for this post is within 2 hours of home and is a special place perhaps because of the beaches which I am attracted to fortunately there are many in Denmark. Regarding my knee, I do not have a lot of cartilage left in one knee and a lack of knee strength has taken me to where I am, age does not help but I will return fitter and more determined to complete walks that provide a sense of belonging coupled with enjoyable camping experiences.

  2. Karl says:

    Good to see you back, Roger.
    And good to see you know what to do about your knee. You “only” need to be patient now.
    Having had knee troubles, and currently fighting with a slipped disk, I know that being patient is not easy when the urge to be out hiking and camping rises.

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