E6: Helsingør to Fredensborg

One day I was driving through a forest connecting two outer suburbs of Copenhagen and said to myself “the forests are looking young and fresh now” soon a day trip was being planned along the Nordsjællands ruten , an alternative to the E6. I commenced at Helsingør, passing through the town as the alcohol shops and convenience stores began to open their doors, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first ferries from Sweden. Meanwhile I headed out of town, with the sunshine for company.


I climbed into the forest retracing my steps from a previous trip before turning inland past Kobberdammen stopping for a moment to admire the greenery, after which I followed the minor forest roads southwards.


I wandered along a variety of forestry roads with the forests changing from beach and birch to pine and back again. Some trees looked healthy other trees less so and some had just been cut down and were now lying on their sides waiting for their next adventure.


I continued to marvel at how the trail designers had managed to keep the trail mostly in the forest while suburbia was never far away. Entering Nyrup Hegn (forest) I was quickly reminded of the historical aspect of the trail as I walked over cobblestone roads which were originally built in the early 1600’s whilst I could avoid the worst of the corrugations it was evident to me that the Kongsvejen(Kings road) would not have been a comfortable ride in an unsprung carriage.


As lunchtime approached I arrived at Krongenberg Hegn shelter only to find another person there, he seemed disappointed that I was there and was very uncommunicative, I wondered if he was a resident as opposed to a traveller. I soon left and continued on my way. Passing by a picturesque lake in Danstrup Hegn.


All was peaceful with just the sounds of the birds, then I heard a car travelling fast, suddenly I was confronted by a police car “I am innocent were my first thoughts” they waved me past and then they alighted from the car, all the while I was expecting them to speak to me, they didn’t. Soon I could here dogs barking and I wondered whether they were looking for something, out for a training run, or just out for a Friday afternoon jaunt in the sunshine. I was happy it was not me they were out for.

On I wandered and was soon entering the grounds of Fredensborg castle, the former home of Mary, Fred and the “billy lids“. I was hoping I could get a vegemite sandwich but it seemed they were not accepting visitors today. I was impressed by the grounds which are bounded by the castle and Esrum Lake. I will revisit the area which is undoubtedly popular.


After passing through the Nordmandsdalen “The valley of the Norseman” I was soon at the railway station waiting for a train to whisk me back to reality. I was glad that I had taken the time to go for a wander on what was a wonderful spring day.

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