Fjordstien Part 1: Jagerpris to Hammer Bakke

I have described previously the Fjordstien, which is as a series of connected trails circumnavigating Roskilde Fjord and Isfjord, south of Copenhagen. A map of the trails can be found here, and with the area so close to home it is easy for me to jump on a train and/or bus and soon be at a trail head.


It was a grey dull December morning when I alighted from the bus at Jagerspris. I set off along the concrete footpath moving quickly in an attempt to keep warm in the freezing conditions and after about half a kilometre or so I realised that whilst I was warm, I was heading in the wrong direction. I also noted that I had lost one of the rubber feet from my pacer pole, so I was accompanied by click, thud, click, thud, click, … as I returned to the bus stop. Now, heading in the correct direction I was soon passing the large castle at Jagerspris which, is often busy with buses and tourists, but at this hour of the morning it was quiet.

Turning away from the castle, past the military base, and the shooting and artillery range I headed to mist shrouded coastline.


The beach provided an uninspiring backdrop as I continued eastwards along the coast following minor paths, all the time wishing for a hint of blue sky. After a while the mudflats blocked my path and I then followed minor gravel roads before entering the forest whilst never being far from the coastline. The sky provided hints of the promised sunshine as I approached the power generation plant at Kyndby Huse.


I spent a little time looking out to sea, watching a naval patrol vessel pass between the island of Orø and the mainland, then I descended to the coastline along Kyndby Vig. I was somewhat surprised to come across a marked campsite which could be best described as a patch of gravel adjacent to the path, with not a tree or any other shelter nearby, it was very exposed.

I continued on and entered Sømer forest, which sits upon a stone age ocean floor, by now it was lunchtime and with the sun shining I located a spot on the coastline and enjoyed a pleasant meal of noodles and coffee in sunny albeit cold conditions.


Returning to the trail and I meandered through the forest before entering farm land and a summer house area. Sadly, the trail turned inland as I desperately wanted to follow the coastline.


Before long I was on a bitumen road which would take me to Hammer Bakke and the ferry serving Orø.

By now it was late, however, I spent some time watching the setting sun before returning to the city.


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