Why I prefer Klymit Mattresses

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I have been hiking and camping for a while and have tried many different mattress starting with a straw filled hessian bag and over the years I have moved from sleeping on the ground to self inflating mattresses and finally airbeds.


It has been a long, and sometimes uncomfortable journey, with many turns and even a few u turns. You can read a lot about my experiments over a number of years here.

You will notice in the earlier post my love for the Klymit mats. However, for a while I went away from the Klymit mats because of their weight, but a long dark night in November 2014 made me realise that there was more to comfort than low weight. Consequently, I returned to Klymit. Why? I  here you ask, the answer is simple they feel wider and are comfortable allowing me to have a restful nights sleep.

Since November 2014 I have been using the Klymit Insulated Static V for the long and cold winter nights. The Insulated Static V weighs 704 grams with an R value (US) of 4.4 has been my mat of choice. My experience, when using the Klymit mat has been that it initially does not feel as warm as the Thermarest Xtherm (US R value 5.7). However, the perceived extra warmth of the Xtherm, I believe, is due to the reflective baffles of the Thermarest in contrast to the layer of insulation adhered to the inner of the Klymit Mat, which insulates. For me after a couple of minutes I notice no difference in the insulative properties of the two mats.


Why did I return to Klymit from the Xtherm? I recognised that the shape of the XTherm did not work for me, as it felt narrow especially at the lower (leg) end. I also felt that the horizontal baffles, whilst supportive, also had me “hanging on” in case I rolled off, or perhaps I should say “I felt the need to maintain my position on the centre of the mat” thereby providing a less restful experience.

In contrast the Klymit mat, being marginally wider, and with its body mapped design immediately made me feel more relaxed and less concerned about “rolling off”. As well the Insulated Static V with its 75D fabric has meant that I am less concerned about punctures, though I always use a ground sheet. This heavier fabric comes at a cost of a higher weigh than the Thermarest offerings.

Summing up, the Klymit mats are heavier and their R values are lower than the Thermarest mats, but I value comfort, over anything else, particularly on long winter nights in a tent. For summer, I will use the Klymit Static V2, which has a weight of 465 grams and an US R value of 1.3.

As an aside recently visited the local retailer who sells Klymit products, and he showed me the XLarge Static V (or Static V Luxe as it is known) and I was impressed with the rolled up size of this 76 cm (30″) wide mat.

Will I change to another mat in the future, maybe, but it will need to be more comfortable than the Klymit Static V range, time will tell.

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16 Responses to Why I prefer Klymit Mattresses

  1. Martin Rye says:

    Thats not a bad mat. Price is good, and pack size looks compact. Comfort is worth the hassle and the weight. The notion of skill in site selection and finding that sweet spot is lost at the end of a long cold wet day – when all you want to do: is pitch, eat and sleep. Then all that matters is a comfy mat and warm bag.

    • Thanks Martin, I agree, it is compact it is warm and it is comfortable, which is why I prefer it. Yes I can relate to “the end of a cold wet long tiring day” where sometimes your mind is not really on the job or at least mine isn’t. This is one of the reasons I prefer a mat with a robust base, as I hope it will withstand any somewhat sharp objects that I may miss in my attempt to get into the shelter and relax.

  2. Lars Veibye Johansen says:

    As usual, review and honost komments on the product. I have tried ex. Therm A rest Prolite Plus, Exped 7 M and even carried the Ridgerest Solar. And I have still not found a sleepingsystem.
    Iam 2 meters and 100 kg. and sidesleeper.
    I was actually looking into the Klymit V Luxe, eventhough its a bit heavy..
    Cant make up my mind if its worth the extra grams.
    Any of you have experience with the Klymit Luxe ??

    • Thanks for stopping by Lars, I have not used the Luxe, but the design is the same as the other two mats, I have, only wider. For me the design of the tubes and the “side rails” make for a comfortable and roomy mat. My feeling is that the Luxe will be as comfortable as the standard mats, just wider. As an aside I have never felt that the Static V2 was too narrow I am 1.8 (almost) and 92 kg and could be describe as short and stout. Hope these comments help. If you can get to Outdoor Rødovre you could always try one in the shop.

      • Lars Veibye Johansen says:

        Thx for the quick reply. yes i should get myself to Rødovre, im in the area now and then. Going to try the Klymit and hopefully i will bring it to the Alps this summer.
        Finding the right sleeping system seems to be the never ending story 🙂

  3. And the “right sleeping system” is one of the most important pieces of gear when it comes to multi day hiking. At the end of a long day I want to know that there is a comfortable bed awaiting me, which I have achieved with the Klymit mattresses.

  4. Trent says:

    Thanks for the review! I was curious about what the lowest temp you were able to go in with the static v2.

    • Thanks for stopping by Trent, an interesting question. firstly I have not used the V2 in really cold conditions only the Insulated Static V and as I do not carry a thermometer, estimating temperatures is difficult, however, on 2 occasions the ground has been frozen, so assume about -1 or -2 degrees C (28 to 30 F) the air temperature would have been about minus 5 C (about 23 F). I was using a top quilt and there was Laufbursche mat (US R value 1.2) underneath. I was comfortable and felt no cold from underneath or on top. I am not sure how low Insulated Static V could go on its own. As for the V2, I always carry the Laufbursche or equivalent mat and have been comfortable in air temps around zero C, ground temps would be above that perhaps as high as 5 C (40 F) I hope that helps Trent. The new Insulated Static V2 soon to appear maybe the best of both worlds.

  5. Dondo says:

    Hi Roger,

    After several spring overnight trips, I’ve concluded that my current sleeping pads are no longer working for me, and that I’m ready for a change. The two Klymit pads that I’ve zeroed in on are the Static V2, which I would supplement with a piece of closed cell foam, and the new Insulated Static V Lite. Having been let down in the field by several air pads, I’m inclined to go with the V2 with the 75D fabric bottom. But the warmer insulated V Lite also holds great appeal, even though the bottom is 30D. Your thoughts?

    • Hi Dondo, good to hear from you, its been a while. I am also glad to hear that you have been out on the trails as I have missed your posts.

      To try and answer your question, I will first provide an overview of my setup.
      1. GG polycro, under the tent inner
      2. Tent inner floor silnylon or Cuben.
      3. Laufbursche 9mm (3/8″) Eva mat.

      I always check carefully before laying my airbed down, hoping that I will find anything that may puncture a mat.

      Last year I used the Xtherm which has a 50D base without any problems, I feel that a 30D is okay with my setup but maybe a bit risky with less under mat protection, especially on multi day trips. I have been using V2, on my last couple of trips and have found it to be warm enough for my needs when using a 20F sleeping bag. I am awaiting the delivery from the US of a the Insulated Static V lite and am interested in testing with a view to taking it to Lapland in summer, with care I do not expect any problems, and the extra warmth will be appreciated. Certainly I would happily use it next winter on shorter trips. I hope my answer helps and not confuses …

      • Dondo says:

        Thanks for your thorough reply, Roger.
        Yeah, I have been getting out but haven’t written many reports lately. Hopefully, I’ll find the time for more of them this year.

        Based on your reply, i think i’ll try the V2 first. Underneath, I’ll have a sheet of lightweight tyvek and a gg 3/8″ ThinLight pad. Hopefully, this will supply enough puncture resistance as well as the insulation needed for most of my trips.

        If the V2 does puncture, at least I’ll have the foam pad to get me through the night.

  6. Wilburforce says:

    Have you had a chance to use the V Lite yet? Is it proving a highly worthy culmination of Klymit?

    • Thanks Wilburforce, for stopping by. “Is it (V Lite) proving a highly worthy culmination of Klymit?” Wow this is a challenging question (as I suspect that Klymit has more developments to come). I have used the V Lite and just returned from a trip using the Insulated Static V Lite. The key issue for me is comfort and the Klymit Static V family mats deliver that. The next concern is ground insulation, here I prefer the Insulated Static V Lite as I find that as I get older I need more ground insulation. However, I have used the V Lite and it will continue to be a part of my kit, when combined with an Eva mat for extra warmth and ground protection. I hope that helps in your voyage of discovery of what works for you.

  7. Prasatt says:

    Do you think the Klymit Static V2 would work for 3-season camping? Plan to do the PCT and am looking for an inflatable mat (being a side-sleeper and all) that doesn’t break the bank but will not leave me shivering! Do you think this pad would work? Thanks!

  8. prasatt says:

    Do you think the Klymit StaticV2 is suitable for 3-season use? Am planning to do a Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike and am looking for an inflatable pad (being a side sleeper and all), that doesn’t break the bank (unlike the Thermarest NeoAir XLite). Do you think the insulation on this is enough? Thanks!

    • Thanks for your question prasatt. To some extent the answer will vary on how cold you sleep and what the ground temperatures are. In my view the Klymit Static V2 would be okay for trips in summer and certainly I would use it in that manner. I normally carry a 36″ (1 metre) long foam mat for sitting on a relaxing as well I use it under the central section of the Klymit for extra protection, this ccf mat also provides some extra insulation if needed. Given that the V2 has a 75D bottom, and to me it feels more robust than the Xlite, which I once owned, and as it also very comfortable, I am a very happy user. Enjoy the PCT, it seems like an exciting trip.

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