Ystad to Simrishamn: A walk with new found friends

I seem to be addicted to the internet and when a like minded person asks me out on a walking trip I say yes. In this case it was Niels at Backpackinglight Dk who asked me if I was interested in going for a walk with him, I did not hesitate in answering, yes. Similarly I had responded the same way to Hendrik, way back in 2010. Having said yes I soon found that there was a Facebook event inviting me and others for a walk along the coast between Ystad and Simrishamn, Skåne in southern Sweden.


A quick look at the event prior to leaving there were 7 participants including myself. Arriving Ystad in the misty rain and failing daylight I set off towards Nybrostrand looking for a suitable campsite and once I located one I was quickly setting up the Notch  as the rain dripped from the trees. Soon I was inside cooking dinner.

Around 6 pm my phone went off with a message from Niels asking where are you? He then indicated, the rest of the group were on their way. After giving Niels the location, I heard no more till the flashing of lights disturbed me from my slumber. Yep, Niels, Poul, Erik and Hendrik had arrived. Erik and Hendrik camped a little away from me whilst Poul, who I knew from the C2C and Niels camped very close to me.

I had tried to keep a low profile when setting up camp, however, it seemed that the others were happy to flash their lights in an attempt to win the “mine is brighter than yours” competition. Ultimately, the area went dark with only the sound of the passing vehicles to occupy our minds. By 6 am we were moving and were soon packed and on our way. Admittedly at this stage we were a dysfunctional bunch of hikers who all had their own schedules and consequently we departed at slightly different times. Leaving the forest we followed the bike path. I was a little ahead of the rest and wandered into the camping area at Nybostrand and chatted with a Swedish lady before continuing on to locate a breakfast spot. When she met the remainder of the group she continued to chat to them in English even though they could have easily conversed in Danish/Swedish.

Meanwhile I had located a gun emplacement in the Kabusa Gunnery range and sat down for breakfast overlooking the sea. The firing range is used by the Southern Swedish Regiment and I have been wanting to walk through the area for a while but often the range is in use and access is not allowed (and probably not a good idea), I was therefore glad to have the opportunity to visit this vast grassland and hills overlooking the Baltic Sea.


The others (having had breakfast earlier) caught up with me and then continued on a as I enjoyed my Via coffee, before following in their footsteps. I was now lagging behind as they moved quickly through the firing range. Veering off the trail we climbed to the ridge overlooking the sea, providing spectacular views in the somewhat misty conditions. Now on the ridge line we followed its undulations across the tops providing specatacular views across the inland, and out to sea. Soon the mystical landscape around Ale Stenar appeared in front of us and before long we found a spot to take a break, having not stopped since breakfast. After a relaxing stop we descended to Kasberga where we found a bakery open we settled in for coffee, Kanebulle, warmth and free wifi.


Then we were on our way along the coastline to Loderup Strand I decided to stop for lunch on one of the gun emplacements whilst the others continued on, this would be the last I would see of them for 3 hours or so. After a pleasant walk along the coast I followed the trail/road as it headed inland, I was in familiar territory now, having car camped at the nearby camping park twice before. I collected some water from the Loderups Strandbad Hotel then followed the coastline to Sandrahamns point.



I was convinced that I was well behind the group and had picked up my speed to compensate, but when I arrived at the designated meeting point the remainder of the group were not there. Had I missed them? Were they avoiding me?  or … were some of the thoughts that ran through my mind. A quick message to Niels indicated that in my haste I was now in front of them and they would arrive soon, which they did.

We set off together with one goal in mind, a campsite, which was found adjacent to a gun emplacement. In case you are wondering there are many former gun emplacements along the coastline in Southern Sweden. We then settled in for the night as the rain began to fall. Fortunately, it soon cleared and we were able to chat about gear, hiking, etc. before retiring. It was a dry night with no condensation on the inside and only some minor moisture on the outer which was a significant change from the night before.


Packing in the pre dawn light it was evident that the cool and overcast morning could potentially provide a better day. We headed off along the coast, collecting water from a small fishing hamlet and then walked for a while before having breakfast as the sun peaked through the clouds. Yes you guessed it we stopped adjacent to an old gunnery emplacement.

Then we continued around the coastline before passing through farm land, ultimately arriving at Skillinge.


Finding the local coffee shop open we sat and drank Coffee and ate Kanebulle as the rain began to fall, we were in no rush to leave the warmth of the shop. Reluctantly we wandered back to the coastline where the path continued pralleling the coastline through fields and old mining areas


and of course there is always a chair to relax upon


Arriving at Brantevik, where there was a hint of sunshine as Niels, Hendrik and I relaxed and chatted over lunch. After lunch we were off along the bitumen bike path, which we would follow to Simrishamn. Entering Simrishamn I looked back out to sea and reflected upon what had been an enjoyable walk in pleasant company along a beautiful section of coastline in Skåne.


For Niel’s account (in Danish) visit his blog.

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2 Responses to Ystad to Simrishamn: A walk with new found friends

  1. Your new site is looking good.

    I’ve walked this section of Osterlenleden myself (over 7 years ago now) and indeed we went back a few years ago to rent a beach house near Loderup. It’s great and as a walk really one to do.

    Glad to see you have ‘Kanelbulla’ with your ‘fika’ (coffee). One must when in Sweden!

    • Thanks Mark, yes I am happy with the site, just need to iron out the photo sizing issue and then fix all the links to different posts. My wife and I like Loderup and have been there twice, maybe next time we will choose a quieter time (or not stay in a tent : ) )

      Kanelbulle I understand, but I cannot work out how “fika” is the same as coffee. But yes Coffee and cakes were very enjoyable.

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