E6: Svendborg to Nyborg

I set off from Svendborg in the early morning light, the air was cool and with a hazy sun promising a fine day I was looking forward to the walk.


Following the path as it wound its way around the harbour, passing through the docks area before entering the nature reserve. The views back to the harbour in the early morning light encouraged me to slow down and enjoy the experience.


The grass was damp as I crossed the parklands before climbing past the large houses towards the Gammel Hestehave (Old horse garden)


Gammel Hestehave is a large parklike area where several burial mounds are evident.


With the mist lifting I followed the well manicured path through the open parkland into the forest.These well maintained walking paths took me through the forest before depositing me at the Nature school in Rubjerg Forest. I had quick chat with some of the staff as I filled my water bottles before setting off along the less well used path which descended to the road before sidling around the slippery slopes, and finally descending to a gravel road that would take me away from the coast and past a number of thatched roof houses.


After wandering a long a few quiet country roads I reached a section of the trail that I had been looking forward to. Here the trail followed a narrow strip of forest along the banks of Vejstrup Ådal and it was here that I choose to stop for lunch. This section of the walk had met my expectations and provided a pleasant change to the minor roads.


Once through Øster Åby I left the forest and again followed a number of minor roads, however, I was also impressed by the size of the farmhouses it seemed that this was a very wealthy area. It was getting late and the biting wind had me donning on more clothing as I approached Broholm Castle.  I was impressed by the grounds around the castle as well as the large horse dressage arenas. Crossing the main road I entered Møllegårdsmarken which presented a much more sombre experience, knowing that more than 2500 persons were buried in an area, and was previously the home to Denmarks largest Iron Age community. Adjacent to the area was the Tange stream and the trail followed its meandering route which took me past past a stone grave mound.


A campsite was located and I settled in for the evening and I was serenaded by a couple of different species of owls as they scoured the moonlit ground for food, I fell asleep.

After a night, in which I decided, I preferred rectangular sleeping mats, for their extra width and comfort,  I was soon up and away adopting the “I will have breakfast later approach” . Under a moonlit sky I passed by Hesselgergård which has been in existence since the 1200’s then turned towards the coast. It was here that I diverged from the E6 as it headed inland whereas I preferred a coastal route I then followed a cycle route which would keep me closer to the coast.


Along the way I admired the curves in the ploughed fields before deciding it was breakfast time on the coast.


I was now on the Klintholm coastline, the home to the Klokkefro (also known as European fire-bellied toad) which are an endangered species in Denmark with only a few groups to be found. Consequently there has been an ongoing EU project to protect them around the former Klintholm chalk mines which has been the recipient of a EU life project. Interestingly I discovered there is even a song contest and if you are interested to hear the different sounds from around Europe.

At this time of the year there is no singing and with a cool wind I did not hesitate, but kept moving northwards, passing an interesting scuplture in the middle of a field.


My wandering took me along several minor roads whilst the forests were alive with orange clad people eager to shoot at anything that moved. At this time of the year I was grateful for the safety of the roads which ultimately took me into Kajbjerg forest. The forest owned by the nearby Holckenhavn Castle provided pleasant autumn colours as the road past a monument to someone (Can any of my readers help me with the inscription?).


With lunch time approaching I took one final diversion to sit on the beach and have my last look over Nyborg Fjord


before following the roads past Holckenhavn castle


and then along the disused railway line before arriving at Nyborg railway station.


Reflecting on the trip I had been somewhat concerned by the amount of road walking that was required for this section of the E6. However, as I sat in the train on the way home, I had a sense of satisfaction from seeing a diversity of countryside and never feeling that the road walking had not adversely affected my enjoyment of the walk. I would suggest anyone considering this section of the E6 to look at my variation of the route for its variety its scenic beauty, especially around Klintholm and Kajbjerg.

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2 Responses to E6: Svendborg to Nyborg

  1. Hanna says:

    I understand your joy concerning Vejstrup Ådal. From Vejstrupborger.dk, I quote; A visit to Vejstrup could easily lead to that natural interest will seek to Vejstrup Ådal to go to Emil Rostrup’s footsteps and explore the botanical side of such a trip.
    He was a college teacher in Skårup 1858-83 and total more than 750 plants in Flora which still can be used in education.

    King Christian 4.’s mother in law; Ellen Marsvin bought Holckenhavn in 1616. Holckenhavn has inscribed itself in history by having several celebrities living there, but unfortunately I cannot help with the inscription.

    Thanks for a wonderful tour description and beautiful pictures 🙂

    • Thanks Hanna, certainly it was a pleasant and enjoyable walk with many sections of forest, with the ever present sense of the past. A search of all the historical references to Kajbjerg could not find anything about the memorial, but I am sure the answer is there somewhere.

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