Freeze Dried Foods: There is nothing like a free feed.

A little while ago I published a post on my choices of freeze dried meals. Soon afterwards I received a message from Alpkit, via Twitter, asking whether I would be interested in trying a new product they were about to launch. Well I am always interested in a free meal so I said yes.


In due course a small package arrived  containing a Mild Chicken Korma and a Chocolate Chip Pudding. Perhaps I should have advised Alpkit that I do not eat pudding on the trail instead I munch on a few dried apricots after dinner, as it saves fuel and is good for you.

My observation when the food arrived was of the smart design of the packaging. the foil envelope is wide and not tall when compared with Lyo and Fusion meals and as a consequence it was easier to use my Titanium Spork with it, the style and size of packaging also reminded me somewhat of the Blå Band brand that I have found in Sweden.

Recently I travelled south to Svendborg and took the Chicken Korma with me, my first observation was that the mixture inside has less texture (or lumpy bits) than Lyo, Fuizion or Real Turmat. Now to the cooking process, I added the 300 mL of boiling water and waited 10 minutes or so.


Well I was impressed, it was mild but tasty, and was perhaps better described as a stew which was easily digested and enjoyable. Would I use it again, yes. But probably not because I would need to buy it in the UK and then pay postage charges which for me makes it a little expensive. However, if you are in the UK, Extreme Food is yet another choice in the lightweight food stakes. Enjoy.

The pudding?, I hear you ask, well with Christmas approaching I am looking at menu options that incorporate Chocolate Pudding, mint and a touch of alcohol. Do I hear anyone suggesting Minttu?

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