NordKystien: Part 2 Gillelje to Hundestead

Four weeks after my trip between Gilleleje to Helsingør, I set off again to Gilleleje to walk the 40 odd kilometres to Hundetsaed. As I began the trip the sun threatened to expose itself as it got out of bed, but soon returned to the comfort of its grey blanket where it would stay for the 2 day trip


Heading west from Gilleje I followed the Gilbjergstien, with its outlook over Øresund to Sweden.


Ultimately I arrived at the Soren Kierkegaard stone, apparently he visited the area in 1835 and had a few words to say, which have been immortalised in stone.


Loosely translated to “What is truth other than living for an idea” I will leave you ponder the importance of these words as I continue along the path.


As I wandered I was alerted to the sound of geese heading south, clearly indicating, in their mind at least, winter was coming.


Having wandered around Gilbjerghoved then passing by the Kystegården Cafe and Steakhouse, I descended to Smidstrup Strand.


Heading along the beach I noticed 3 persons (ladies as I later discovered) who were keen to get into the water as I passed, they were equally happy to leave the water when I was well away from them. Hmmm, I wonder what they were doing I thought?  After which, I spent a lot of time on the beach, admiring the old timber pillars, as well as appreciating the firm sand which made for easy walking.


I was taken by the colour of the sea weed.


The variety of old pillars decaying in the sand.


A pool on a pillar.


Finally, I found the stairway to stars, there are many stairways along the coast mostly private up to grand houses overlooking the water.


During a large storm late in 2013, many of the bases of these staircases were damaged and the evidence of the storm still remains with some stairways having undergone extreme makeovers. It would seem to me that these stairs would make ideal training areas, for hikers, especially with a fully laden back pack.


Later in the day, I finally reached Tisvelde and was pleased to see that the sword was still firmly in place, maybe next time.


By now it was getting late and having located a campsite I settled in for peaceful night. The weather remained unchanged and if anything there was even less variation in the shade of grey. In this area the coast faces west and as a consequence and is subjected to many winters storms and high winds and the forests bear witness to these winds with their wind swept coiffures.


Leaving Tisvelde I entered the area around Melby Overdrev and was soon wondering about the brightly coloured signs, as I headed along a trail which was signposted a the “health trail”. It would seem, however, that it may not be that healthy to wander off the trail.


I wandered through the forests admiring the water along with the erosion protection barriers.


After passing through some very quiet summer house areas and realised I was approaching Hundetsaed as the lighthouse appeared on the horizon.


And as always I missed the boat as I sat in the old gun emplacement above Hundestaed.


So I began the descent into Hundstead, and soon I was being whisked away by train and home.


As I headed home I began to realise that the efficient public transport system here in Denmark and Sweden is what has enabled me to always find a place to go for a walk, something that is much more difficult in other countries. Thus are at least some benefits in high taxes.

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