Around Raslängen, almost

Raslängen, is a lake in Skåne north of Bromolla and is one I have visited many times, and I have been aware of the possibility of circumnavigating the lake on foot, finally with some inspiration from a local hiking website I set about planning a trip.


One of the difficulties in accessing this area is the lack of nearby public transport  as the nearest bus is approximately 3 hours of walking away. But with access to a car then the ideal access point is Bokestad, after 2 hours driving from Copenhagen I was erecting the tent and enjoying the view across Raslängen from a spot I have camped at a number of times.

Calm waters Raslängen


A leisurely start the following morning had me wandering along the western banks of Raslängen towards Fuglabacken where a shelter can be found.  Raslängen is a popular canoeing destination and there are many shelter places around the lake, some accessible by foot others are normally accessed by canoe. Leaving Fuglabacken, I initially followed the Skaneleden as it wended its way west to Immeln and the coast, soon however I was turning northward through the forest looking for, but not finding, a track or trail of any kind. With some persistence and a little bushwhacking I found a road, well it was not lost, I just located it. I followed the road to its end, and again searched for some sort of trail, but to no avail so following the road for a little while I then headed cross country to another road and after skirting a nearby house I picked up yet another road which led me to a turning circle. And it was at this point I found a trail, I thought, which appeared to head in the right direction. Following what could be best described as an animal pad I ultimately descended to Raslängen. The shoreline provided a handrail to follow, however, the occasional rocky out crop had me climbing ”up and over”  eventually I arrived at a recently cleared forest area. It was here that I had lunch  and decided that some road time was in order. Following a couple of roads I was soon descending through the forest on a foot trail to the river which links Gillesjön and Raslängen.


Bridge across  river connecting two lakes

The bridge itself was somewhat dilapidated


Missing a plank or two

However it seemed like the best option considering the alternative,


Towards Raslängen


and the warning signs to canoeists upstream.


A warning to kayakers and those in canoes.

But with the sun shining I could not complain. Having crossed the river I then followed a series of foot trails before arriving at a road which I followed to Alltidhult. Harry Martinson , a Nobel Laureate, attended school here whilst the well known Swedish author Sven Edvin Salje used the area as a backdrop for his first novel. Altidhult also provides a link between Hallen to the east and Raslängen to the west. Further indicating the canoeing opportunities in the area. I wandered along the canoe trail to the banks of Raslängen and sat appreciating the peacefulness and beauty of the area.

Soon I was wandering along the eastern side of Raslängen and with a campsite in mind, I followed the road out of Alltidhult before descending to the lake after which I followed a foot trail to my preferred campsite which I had found on my previous trip in February. Sadly with the warm weather the ants had taken a liking to the location as well, so with a little bit of a search a site was found nearby. As this was the first trip with the Tarptent Stratospire 1, I spent a little bit of time just setting it up, however, I was soon impressed with the speed with which it could be set up and the interior space, the dimensions of the inner suggests that it is a replica of the Scarp 1 inner and provides more than enough space for me and my gear.

Stratospire first pitch

I had been attracted to the Stratospire because of its 2 entries and hexagonal based pyramid design, at a weight of less than 1 kg the shelter provides ample headroom with 2 large vestibules. The extra guy lines and pitch locks would appear to provide a weather worthy structure, time will tell.Stratospire in thru the backdoor


After a relaxing night, I wandered down to the lake for some water and watched two geese swim towards the bank, I assumed that as I got closer they would leave, but they did not seem perturbed by my presence.




However, after a while they did finally paddle off


Geese 2


I left them and headed in the opposite direction firstly along the shoreline and then climbing through the forest towards a road which would take me back to the Skåneleden and ultimately Östafors. However as I wandered through the forest I was startled by a bird flying away, after which I looked down and noticed the nest. I apologised profusely to the bird before moving quickly away, hopefully allowing the hen to return to the nest.




Soon I was on familiar territory following the Blekingleden/Skåneleden towards Östafors. I took my time to sit and admire the view from Boafall and it was during this time I began to plan other trips in this fascinating area.



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