What works for me: A Warm Hat

Over the years I have experimented with many types of warm beanies (or hats), these have included those made out of wool and various incarnations of fleece. More recently I experimented with Down hats, but I keep coming back to my old favourite red Possum Fur Merino hat, if I recall correctly it was purchased from BPL in 2005 or 6 and whilst I have purchased possum fur hats since, this one has the best close knit weave I have found. It weighs in at 59 gms (about 2 ozs.) and I know that when I put it on it will feel warm and my ears will be grateful.

Long Path App Trail.JPG

So if you are in the market for a warm walking, sitting or sleeping hat take a look at possum down but try and locate the tight weave which seems harder to find.

Do you have a favourite warm hat?

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5 Responses to What works for me: A Warm Hat

  1. tookiebunten says:

    I've got a hand knitted Mountain Goat Gear one the is absolutely luxury but not one for the rain….

  2. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks for stopping by Tookie, I must admit I looked at the Mountain Goat gear and thought about investing, but … You are correct about rain and merino or possum hats, but for warmth you cannot beat a natural fibre based products in my view.

  3. tookiebunten says:

    Definitely one for the dry cold or inside a shelter. I agree with that about natural fibre.

  4. I like that not only is possum super warm, but it's an invasive pest where the fur is harvested from.

  5. Yes sadly us humans are responsible for introducing the possum into NZ. Agreed on the effectiveness of possum fur for keeping warm.

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