Fjordstien: Holbæk to Rørvig

I travelled by train to Holbæk arriving early enough for a second breakfast at 711, after which I wandered down to the bay. The air was still and the mist was lifting. The coastline sparkled in the morning sunshine providing stunning views across the fjord.

Bathing House Holbæk

I spent a lot of time, taking photos and marvelling at the colours,along with

Bathing House Holbæk 2

the  jetty and its accompanying seagulls

Blue rowing club jetty

Having passed the swimming area, I proceeded along the coastline with the boats sitting motionless in the water.


Sadly, I left the coastline and spent much of the rest of the day walking along quiet roads, through forests, along very busy roads, on an embankment adjacent to Sidinge Fjord. Before arriving at Kongsøre forest, my planned destination for the day.

Kongsøre Grav

I passed by a large gravemound as I entered Kongsøre forest before locating the campsite, I quickly erected the shelter and set about the usual camp chores. While overhead a Danish military helicopter whizzed around flying low and fast, circling out across the fjord before another sortie inland, so much for peace and quiet.


Soon there were jet boats speeding across the bay with a helicopter in hot pursuit, were we being invaded? Was there an emergency,  and would this continue all night were thoughts running through my mind. At around 7 pm the chopper headed north not to return, and I thought ahh peace and quiet, it lasted for about 5 minutes before the shooting started, okay will this go all night, will they use heavy artillery, should I pack up and leave, fortunately after about half an hour it went quiet for the remainder of the night.

Evening across Isfjord

It was a pleasant evening, I spent time watching and listening to the night sounds, and the moonlight bounce off the wavelets in the fjord.

Evening sun

I soon settled down with the intention of watching the sunrise.

Sunrise Kongsøre

Awaking before sunrise, I quickly had the camera out and sat taking photos of the emergent sun as well as watching the jets.

Sunrise Kongsøre 3

and the mist

Sunrise Kongsøre 4

All too soon it was time to leave, passing another grave …

Grav Kongsøre

… before finally seeing the light.


from here it was more minor country roads and walking paths with views to the fjord, one of the benefits of passing through farmland adjacent to the coastline, The beach provided a warmish and pleasant place for morning tea.

This is a popular summer house area and it was evident that most people had already closed up their houses for winter. By now I was walking through the beautifully calm Annebjerg forest where a few foragers were seeking edible fungi. I emerged from the forest and passed Hempel Glasmuseum with its impressive out look over the fjord, a return visit will be required to spend more time in the museum. After which I descended to the harbour of Nykøbing and then through the township where shoppers were gradually leaving as the businesses closed for the weekend, in the sunny weather the ice cream establishments were doing a roaring trade as were the pubs.

Nykøbing Harbour

Leaving Nykøbing I headed in the direction of Isfjord passing through the bird sanctuary at Hov Vig where there were many visitors out walking in the warm sunny weather, whilst others with their large telescopes and telephoto lensed cameras were watching for migratory birds.


Passing through open farmland and through the tiny village of Nakke I then descended to the fjord, and was greeted by an expansive view of the fjord and the coastline opposite which I had visited 2 weeks previously.

Descending to Isfjord

The walk along the trail on the foreshore was short but pleasant, there were many cyclist also using the same path but it did not dampen the experience and the sense of relaxation and enjoyment, I gained from the leisurely walk into Rørvig. Whilst waiting for the ferry I sampled the local delights before watching the ferry berth, I can recommend the Blueberry Sorbet cone.

Hundested Ferry

As I left Rørvig, I had time to reflect on what had been perhaps one of the most enjoyable local walks I had undertaken, in pleasant surrounds and sunny weather on the west side of Isfjord. A trip I can highly recommend.

Leaving Rørvig

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  1. Roger, I am happy that you have finally seen the light 😉

  2. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks for stopping by Jörgen, yep there will be no more carrying a torch for me.

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