Fjordstien: Hundested to Frederiksværk

Storm clouds over Hundsted

The Fjordstien is a 275 km network of trails circumnavigating Roskilde Fjord and Isfjord and is about an hour by public transport from the centre of Copenhagen. Many of the trails are better suited for bike touring (stay tuned for my attempts at bike packing) whereas others are equally appropriate for hiking, Hundested to Fredriksværk is one of those sections.

Heading past the harbour I set my sights on the coast and the path that would take me to Lynæs and further east.

South of Hundested

Wandering along the sandy trail admiring the coast line, I watched the boats of varying types on the fjord and as I approached a forested section near the old fort I was intrigued by the shape of the pine tree. It was evident that it had stood for many years, withstanding the ravages of summer and winter. The ground below was well used, as were the lower branches and I can imagine the many children playing on these branches and climbing higher throughout the trees long life.

Lone Pine

Approaching Lynæs I was immediately attracted by movement out to sea, where two kite surfers were playing in the wind, twisting, turning and somersaulting. I regretted not packing a better camera lens. Their performance was impressive.

Kite Surfing Lynæs

Walking through the nearby carpark more kite surfers were arriving and no doubt they would provide a colourful and entertaining spectacle for the passers by. Leaving the harbour I had a close encounter with the water, fortunately the tide was low.

Trail south of Lynæs

soon I was climbing away from the beach and then up to Klintebakke with its commanding views to the north,
Lynæs Havn from Klintebakke

and the south to Sølager.

Coastline towards Sølager

Ultimately the threatening skies unleashed a heavy downpour and I quickly scurried for shelter whilst grabbing the umbrella. Once the storm had passed the weather improved and perhaps became a little more humid. Now I was entering the only stretch of forest for the walk, Grønnessegard Skov. which  provided an ideal lunch spot. Nearby was Grønnessegard farm with its many outstanding buildings including the spectacular manor house.


however, I was taken by the cobblestones paths (or which there were many) the thatched roofs and the windows.

Cobblestones and windows Grønnessgard

returning to the forest, I passed an ideal campsite before a window of opportunity appeared

Through the window to Roskilde Fjord

after which it was onto the bike paths to Frederiksværk, it had been a short relaxing and enjoyable trip, with perhaps the final surprise being the bus, complete with bicycle trailer, that transported me to Frederikssund railway station. I have a plan.


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4 Responses to Fjordstien: Hundested to Frederiksværk

  1. Martin Rye says:

    Plans are good. I will call back after you execute it.

  2. nielsenbrown says:

    Martin the plans will be on hold to the next ferry season (April 1), as some of the ferries do not run during the winter. But that will not keep me from other plans.

  3. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks Mark, there is always some where to walk in my view, we just need to adjust to the daylight and weather conditions. Long nights in a shelter are not fun I will admit.

  4. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks Greg, this is a flat country s bike touring is pretty obvious and less challenging on the feet. The Fjordstien is an ideal location for bike trips, though I will probably see less as I zoom along. Getting down to ground level is easy, its the getting back up that is the fun part.

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