Time for some sunshine

My apologies to the readers who thought this was more about Nordlandsruta, I will return to it but felt it was time for a short interlude in sunnier weather, so here we go.

Ever since I returned from Norway there had been wall to wall sunshine where I live.  Consequently I had been contemplating a short overnighter before the realities of work and winter arrived. A look at the map pointed me in the direction of Torekov and soon a plan was hatched, gear packed and I was off.

Torekov Mine

Arriving in Torekov around lunchtime I sat in the warm sunshine watching swimmers, ice cream eaters, yachties, and in general watching everyone enjoy the weather on what would be the last week of holidays for many.

Torekov is an old fishing port with many historic buildings and thus is a popular tourist destination, especially in the warmer months. For the short (in distance) overnighter I intended to follow the coastline south to Ängleholm. The skies were blue and there was a hint of an onshore breeze making it pleasant enough for walking.

Cobble Stones Torekov

The views out to sea, included the nearby island bird sanctuary on Vingaskär,  as well as the nature reserve of Hallands Väderö  and provided ample eye candy as I began the walk. The seas were calm and there were many boats and yachts taking advantage of the ideal conditions.


Following the coastline the trail took me through a sheep paddock, the sheep, appreciating the view provided from atop the old bunker.

Sheep on an old bunker

Much of the rest of the day was spent, walking through dry grassy fields adjacent to the coast, passing through small hamlets where a stop at the ice cream shop was always on the agenda, the first being Rammsjöstrand. I passed many swimmers enjoying the water and soaking up the rays.

As the afternoon progressed, the wind dropped and it was quite stifling at times, with little in the way of shade I was happy to take advantage of any tree or other form of shelter. Late in the afternoon I arrived  at Gryteskär and settled down to enjoy the view out to sea, whilst listening to the many sea birds on the nearby island bird sanctuaries.

Evening Coffee

As the evening progressed and the sea breeze picked up I went for a wander and noted the birds standing on the rocks, happily looking out to sea for that elusive …

On their feet

As the sun descended, the reflected light changed and provided a stunning spectacle keeping me entertained for some time.

Late evening Gryteskär

Gradually the sun began to set

Sunset Gryteskär

and the colours in the sky increased in intensity

Gryteskär Sunset

During the night the wind had changed direction and it was an overcast and humid morning. The sounds of distant thunder brought back memories of my previous trip as I set off past the small harbour at Lervik

Lervik Harbour

The thunder increased and then the rain arrived, but it was short lived and soon the sun was out and the humidity climbing. The only solution was to stop and buy another ice cream and a soft drink then relax in shade of a beach umbrella. After which it was into the forest, with the breeze unable to penetrate the forest it was muggy and I was pleased to finally get to the Ängleholm railway station where I could again relax with lunch and drinks.

Ängleholm forest

It was planned to be a relaxing trip, to enjoy an area that I have often visited and never get tired of. The walk also gave me a chance to try out some new shoes, but mostly it was about enjoying the outdoors, albeit in warmer conditions than I have experienced for a while. I am already planning other trips in this very pleasant area.

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3 Responses to Time for some sunshine

  1. Karl says:

    Having grown up in Torekov, I almost got a bit nostalgic reading that one.Thanks for the great pics and nice write-up.

  2. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks for commenting Karl, Torekov is a very nice area and it has a special place in my heart as well. I will be back, there is a plan hatching already.

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