Never look a gift horse in the mouth

Borreby Castle
A while ago I commenced a walk along the Sjællandsleden starting at Korsør, planning to finish in Næstved, sadly the cold got the better of me so I headed home from Skælskør. Recently my employer decided to conduct a two day training session at Kobæk Strand near Skæslkør overlooking the Sjællandlseden. Okay so I was really keen on this training session, but once it was finished I recognised that I could go for hike. You can guess where my thoughts were as I was told about the wonders of web 2.0, the benefits of group work etc. However, the dinner in the evening with endless supplies of refreshments had the potential to impact on the quality of the hiking experience the next day so enjoyment in moderation was the key. Before breakfast the next morning I was packed and out the door, well before most were awake. After about half an hours walking I stopped on top of a small hill overlooking Yderfjord, I boiled water for breakfast and sat enjoying the misty view as a light snow shower passed by, I was content. Passing through the apple orchards I entered Skælskør, as the intensity of the rain increased, yes it was late April but it seemed like February. Leaving Skælskør I headed to Borreby Castle with its theatre.

Borreby Theatre
Having partaken of morning tea I moved on. The small country roads that I followed were quiet and with the cold wind in my face I did not spend a lot of time stopping before I reached Basnæs Skov, here I found a chair out of the wind in the sun ensuring that I relaxed before setting off to the next important historical landmark Holsteinborg, an amazing place which even from the road side indicated a large country manor dating back to the 1300’s.

Flowers in Rude Skov
Too Rude Leaving the manor precinct I headed into Rude Skov, which provided a wonderful forest section with many flowers in bloom.

Carpet of green Rude Skov
Along with some fascinating trees.

Rude Skov
Leaving Rude Skove I entered the small fishing hamlet of Bisserup, it was a sunny saturday afternoon so the ice cream shop was busy and were happy to fill up my water bottles. The next stop was Kristiansholm Plantage which was camp for the night. The forest was alive with young children accompanied by their parents as they played and explored the forest, ultimately they headed for home and the forest became quiet, I found a campsite with views out to sea.

Camp Kristiansholm Plantage
After dinner I sat down to watch the sunset.

Setting sun Kristiansholm Plantage
It was a beautiful evening, until the sound of thunder indicated that a storm was approaching and a retreat to the tent was a good idea.

Sunset Kristiansholm Plantage
Retreating to the tent I then settled down to listen to the storm, and an audio book on my iPod. The next morning after a leisurely breakfast I set off towards Karrebæksminde, it was to be a short day though I spent some time enjoying the hazy view from Strandbakke, near Klinteby.

Klinteby Klint
As well I met another lightweight hiker and we discussed our gear, they indicated they preferred the no cook option and lightweight packing enabled them to appreciate the surrounds as they slow packed.

Lightweight hiker

I had now walked the coastline form Stevns Klint in the east to Korsør in the west, there had been some enjoyable sections and some which were less so, but in every case the trail had enabled me to enjoy the nature of the area and appreciate the countryside.

There will be more trips along the coast in Denmark.

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13 Responses to Never look a gift horse in the mouth

  1. Superb photos Roger, spectacular! I wonder, though, if you soon will have circumnavigated the Danish coasts and need to hike other countries' coasts 😀

  2. Joe Newton says:

    It would be 'Rude' of me not to concur with Hendrik's evaluation of your photos from this trip, superb! In the self portrait the coastline looks very 'British'. Made me hanker for the coast trails of my old stamping grounds. Must get that audio book business sorted on my iPod. The last time I tried it I failed in basic computing skills…

  3. Morten says:

     I agree on the superb photos.Circumnavigating the more than 7.000 km of Danish coast line is quite a hike 🙂

  4. Yes I must agree some great photos in this post.It was the opening photo that court my eye, maybe because we lack such grand old architecture here.

  5. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks Hendrik, as Morten has noted with over 7000 km of coast it may take a while and then I can move on to Greenland with its 40000 km of coast.

  6. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks Joe, yeah the Rude sign bought a smile to my face. Definitely a south coast feel about it.  I prefer to listen to Music and carry a book, but this time I managed to listen to a couple of chapters before falling asleep.

  7. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks Wazza, the buildings are a little older than you will see in your part of the world, I goes thats what makes it so appealing.

  8. Morten: 7000 km only? Roger runs that in a few weekends :DTotally forgot Greenland, good you mentioned that, nielsenbrown. But go there while there's still ice left, and before it turns into a tropical island! 

  9. helenjfisher says:

    The opening photo reminded me a bit of Oxborough Hall in East Anglia. Great colours there!It's really interesting to attempt to speak the names of the places you visit (yes, ignoring 'Rude'), now that I'm in Norway and trying to get my tongue around the language. I'm enjoying this series of posts immensely; I like how there is now a 'theme' and in agreement with everyone else, your photos are beautiful!

  10. nielsenbrown says:

    7000 km only? Roger runs that in a few weekends … I wishGreenland as a tropical paradise, guess that means I need to carry less gear

  11. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks Helen, I guess there are many places in Europe that look similar and the "red brick" colour can be found even in in Oz. Yep pronouncing the words is a challenge, pointing on a map is much easier.Thanks for the comment on the photos, I guess I took more time to take photos on this trip , I must remember to do this in the future.

  12. these are nice one snaps during the processing of the training season. 

  13. Kelly says:

    Aaaah this looks so beautiful! Can't believe it's not a movie!

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