Along the Sjællandsleden: Præstø to Fakse Ladeplads

Retired row boat
I alighted from the bus and headed to Hollændersskov entering the forest I could hear the rhythmic flap of the swans wings as they flew along Præstø Fjord. As I wandered I admired the old row boat resting peacefully in the reeds. Nearby it was also obvious that the reeds had been harvested for roof thatching. ON this cool weekday the forest was alive with activity there were timber fellers as well as  the sounds of birds. Whilst, out in the fjord there were various water birds making their presence known.

Præstø Fjord harvested reeds
Leaving the forest I passed around the inlet admiring the old thatched roof houses, wondering whether the rooves were built from the local reeds.

Evens Huse
The trail then followed the road before once again entering a small forest within which was the Bredeshave shelters.

Bredeshave Shelters
There was also a rotunda and slippery slide for the more energetic hiker. It was very quiet in the forest but I could imagine on a warm summers day many families visiting the area, playing and cooking and enjoying the forest.

Bredeshave Rotunda and slide
Leaving the forest it was only a short walk past Marjatta (offering education to developmentally challenged children and young adults) to the main road which hugged the coastline. The road provided many wonderful views of the fjord and its surrounds.
Along the road
The gem of this section of the Sjællandsleden must be Feddet Strand (beach) with its beautiful white sandy beaches.
Feddet Strand South
The life guard tower and nearby caravan park indicated that this would be a popular destination in warmer weather. I was heading north on this trip, however, I intend to return and visit the nature area of Feddet which lies to the south and includes walking trails, bird observation platforms and beaches. I feel it would be easy to spend a day just wandering, maybe swimming, relaxing and of course grilling a pølse or 2.

Lifegaurd Tower Feddet Strand
I headed north along the sandy beach, it was warm and with calm seas it was a pleasurable experience.
Feddet Strand North
Continuing along the beach I found a calm spot and decided to take a few photos of the water ebbing and flowing I could have easily spent the rest of the day just watching and listening to the sounds of the beach.

This way
Watching the swans seemingly floating in the water, I finally reached the point where the trail left the beach and headed inland past the shelter place.

Calm waters of Fakse Bugt
The shelter area was small with maybe a small place for a tent and no water, it appears that it may also be necessary to book it.

Feddet Strand Shelter plads
Climbing away from the strand looking south it was possible to see Præstø Fjord to the right and Fakse Bight to the left.

Bugt and Fjord
I followed the cliff tops past several burial mounds and by now evening was approaching and the temperature was dropping.

As I entered the outskirts of Fakse Ladeplads I once again joined the beach for one last view, the view to the south provided a picturesque beachscape of sand. water and cliffs.

Fakse Strand looking south
Whereas the view to the north provided a beachscape of sand, water and industry. For many years Fakse Ladeplads has been a loading place for the shipping of stone and gravel from the quarries at Fakse, thus the resulting township name, Fakse Ladeplads (Fakse loading place)

Fakse Strand looking north
I caught the train home reflecting upon a wonderful day along the coast of Sjælland, comfortable in knowing that I had now walked the coast line from Stevns Klint to Næstved.

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4 Responses to Along the Sjællandsleden: Præstø to Fakse Ladeplads

  1. joenewton says:

    2 pølse?! Round these parts we call that a 'starter'! 😉

  2. nielsenbrown says:

    Yeah fair comment, I was just ensuring there was enough room to pack in the øl.

  3. joenewton says:

    Whoever perfects the freeze dried beer is going to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

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