BPL UK Pocket Stove: Wood Burning

I had an opportunity today to explore the possibility of using the BPL UK Pocket Stove in wood burning mode and my view is that it will boil water in this mode and is better than some wood burning stoves, however, the Bush Buddy remains the best stove if your focus is on wood burning.

Wood Burning

Using an Evernew 900 ml pot.

Wood Burning and Evernew 900
Water is boiling, now time for coffee.

Water boiling
Wood selection is critical, the water has been boiled and I have now found some more birch, the fire in the stove continues.

Still burning
So where does this leave me, in my view the BPL UK pocket Stove used in conjunction with a Zelph Companion stove is an excellent alcohol stove, as a backup the Pocket stove can also be used as a wood burning stove.

On an upcoming trip I will be using the pocket stove, and my plan is to use both alcohol and wood modes.

Stay tuned.

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6 Responses to BPL UK Pocket Stove: Wood Burning

  1. How do you find the size of burning box compared to bushbuddy and how well feeding wood from the side works. I like the simple desing and the fact it it easy to use with alcohol or esbit.How would you compeer this to  Trail desing sidewinger I know they two complete different desings but just your thoughts of use.CheersJouni

  2. nielsenbrown says:

    Hi Jouni, the burning box of the bush buddy is bigger and more efficient because of the wood gas effect, and the bush buddy can take bigger pieces of wood. Feeding the wood in from the side of the pocket stove is okay but they have to be short and thin. The grate underneath does allow effective airflow and in my view, wood is a good backup option. The sidewinder, is a much more efficient stove in  alcohol mode but I would prefer to use the pocket stove in wood mode. Packability of the pocket stove is its one of its main strengths. All in all probably depends on what your requirements are. Hope that helps.

  3. Steve Walton says:

    Such a simple concept.  Nothing to go wrong!

  4. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks for stopping by Steven, as you say a simple design, which is very packable and will always boil water.

  5. Demon says:

    This is the simplest type of Stove. Good for carrying and outing. It looks like a lot of fun we can have in outing by cooking food on these types of stoves.

  6. Winerony says:

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