BPL UK Pocket Stove

Like many others (such as Robin) I purchased the Titanium Pocket Stove from Bob and Rose over at BPL UK, I was intrigued by its size and its multi fuel options. The stove arrived a couple of days ago and I immediately had to try it out. Pocket Stove and Zelphs Companion Burner

I was interested in seeing how it worked with a Trangia burner. My normal test is to boil 600 mls of water, as this is what I would normally use at camp in the evening. I was pleased to see that using the Trangia burner it did boil water, but used 37 gms of alcohol.

Next I tried Zelphs Starlyte stove a nice size wedding tin stove which is appealing for its weight and compactness, however it only holds about 25 mls of metho and with air temperatures of around 5 C and starting water temperature about the same the water did not boil, though it would have been hot enough for a cup of coffee.

Finally, under the same conditions, I tried Zelph’s Companion burner which I normally use with my bushbuddy. Success, initially I used 40 mls of alcohol and it boiled the water and continue to burn for another 3 minutes. After allowing everything to cool I then accurately measured out 25 mls (20 gms) of alcohol and again achieved a boil in approximately 9 minutes. Stove and Companion Burner 2

I am optimistic that this combination may be a useable option on a wide variety of trips, for the weight conscious, the stove weighed 55 gms, the burner 40 gms, Evernew trivet 13 gms, and Al wind shield 30 gms.

Pocket Stove and Zelphs Companion Burner and BPL 900 ml Pot

Of interest was that I found it was better to place the open door of the stove away from the opening of the windshield, field tests will follow.

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6 Responses to BPL UK Pocket Stove

  1. This one looks pretty neat, Roger. A developement of the Nimblewill Nomad stove, which I have used and which was pretty tricky, for me anyway, to burn wood in. The holes in the bottom plate should be a lot of help in that aspect. I'm looking forward to more input from you before investing heavily myself 😉 

  2. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks for dropping by Jörgen I have not used the Nimblewell Nomad stove, but my observations are that this will be a good alcohol stove, which can be used with wood. Certainly its small size will require small chunks of wood and may also require you to boil less water. I hope to play with the stove in wood mode in the coming week, thereby ensuring that you do not invest more than you need to. BTW I am considering it as an option for my 2 week tour in Lapland this coming summer, its weight and packability is appealing.

  3. I must thank you for doing this post as I had not seen this latest offering from BPL UK. The size and weigh looks good and it will be interesting to see how it performs in the field. Just one question, why did you add the Evernew Ti trivet on top?. Wazza.

  4. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks for stopping by Wazza, Bob (BPL UK) commented on his blog that there maybe some blow back through the door and he suggested that the trivet may be helpful so I thought I would try it with it, I have not used the stove without one at this stage. What is interesting was that the base of the trivet was red hot in places, so the burner certainly pumps out a bit of heat.Stay tuned for further updates.

  5. george_carr says:

    Thanks for the write up Roger. I was quite excited to see this new lightweight design, and was just th…is close to buying, until I realized it is $55+ US not including shipping. Sigh. I suppose I'll want to see the full review before I bite.

  6. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks for stopping by George, yes a nice little stove, but a bit expensive. However, it packs away very easily and is certainly worth persisting with in my view.  Much more experimentation to come.

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