A walk in the cold from Vester Egesborg to Næstved

Originally I had planned a 3 day walk along Avnø Fjord and then Dybsø (deep sea) Fjord in southern Sjælland, however, with predicted temperatures including windchill below -20 Celsius, I decided that a day walk may be better option. I alighted from the bus in the small medieval village of Vester Egesborg and the raw cold and windchill had me donning an extra layer. Wandering through open farmland towards the coast line of Dybsø Fjord it was bright and sunny and out of the breeze walking on frozen ground and ice almost seemed pleasant.


Earlier in the week it had been windy and the evidence of windswept snow, now ice, was to be seen on the banks of the drainage channels, it also made me appreciative of being there in winter as the thought of open wind swept plains with accompanying dust was not that appealing.

Ultimately I arrived at Basnæs a small fishing village, with evidence of fishing nets and poles providing a contrasts to the frozen fjord and forest in the distance.

Wind turbines are very much a part of the danish landscape and the trail took me past three rotating in the breeze (with their distinctive hum) and the length of their shadow was an indication of the angle of elevation of the sunshine at this time of the year.

As I entered Vejlø forest I looked back to the three sentries generating power for those who were indoors on such a cold day.

By now it was lunchtime and finding a log to sit on I sat down and enjoyed the view across the fjord to Gavnø, I was fascinated by the trails in the ice on the sea.

As I sat in complete silence I could here the ice moving and the flap of the swans wings in the distance, as they moved from one patch of water to the next.

Ultimately I reached Gavnø with its accompanying castle overlooking the river.
I was also taken by the detail of the chain connecters on the concrete posts of the bridge leading to the castle.

All that was left was a walk into Næstved, however, it was perhaps the most interesting aspect of the trip as the trail seem to do its best to avoid roads and instead wandered along the banks of the Suså river as it wound its way towards the the port of Næstved.

The sun was setting as I reached the port area and the temperature was also dropping and with large sections of ice in the port area it was apparent that winter had definitely arrived. It had been a very enjoyable walk and demonstrated yet again that no matter where you live you can always find somewhere interesting to walk.

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3 Responses to A walk in the cold from Vester Egesborg to Næstved

  1. Alan Sloman says:

    "no matter where you live you can always find somewhere interesting to walk." Totally agree!Lovely pictures too!

  2. I would also agree…and part of the fun is getting out there to look for that interesting place!

  3. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks for dropping by Bigbananafeet, I am happy to hike, and visit places in my adopted country, and wherever I go there is always interesting places, the question is, am I prepared to notice, or do I seek out what I think is interesting to the exclusion of everything else. My choice is; I prefer to notice.

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