Gribskov is a forest to the northwest of Copenhagen and forms part of a connected series of forests, the area is accessible by train and even though the day was gloomy with showers predicted I decided the time was ripe for a visit. Leaving Kagerup railway station I headed south with the intention of visiting one of the primitive overnight campsites in the area. I turned onto one of the many cross-country ski trails in the area and I was taken by the tree standing sentinel over the surrounding semi cleared area.

The forests were silent, apart from the occasional toot of a train and the cyclists chatting as they followed the nearby cycle trail. Fungi was also prominent wherever I walked.

I stopped for lunch at the primitive campsite, nearby was a corral which I assumed had been built to keep the birch tree from escaping.


Swinging east I zig zagged along the forestry trails, under my umbrella as the rain began to fall. At this point in time I finally found a use for the bottle holder on the shoulder straps of my AmpRace 25, it is ideal for holding an umbrella.

It did not rain for long and as I passed Fruebjerg Sø, I noted that the water lilies were now receding with the onset the cooler weather, this was another idyllic spot and I could have spent a lot of time just watching the world go by.

Leaving the Sø I rejoined a forestry road passing Røde dam as I headed towards Store Gribsø



Many of the forests are used for timber production and I have often been disappointed to return to a special area after a couple of years and to see that it has been logged. There was still the remnants of vehicle tracks and as I passed the stacks of timber the aroma of pine was very evident.


It appears that these newly felled trees were up to 50 years old.
Before long I had reached Store Gribsø, the wind had picked up but there were still calm sections at the edges of the lake.
However, as I passed one section of the lake, the ducks took flight, being hunting season I assume they were a little concerned that I may start shooting at them. Store Gribsø is a large lake which abuts the railway line.
There are still several areas of the forests to visit in this area so I will be back and may even do some overnight trips in winter.
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4 Responses to Gribskov

  1. joenewton says:

    Those damn birch trees, always trying to escape the forest for a better life in the city. Nice to see the Danes have them under control.

  2. Greg says:

    Nice pictures!  That fenced off birch tree would have me scratching my head a little!  Love the fungi and I'm always on the lookout for a fungi photograph.  Sad to see all those trees cut down, but it happens everywhere I guess…

  3. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks Joe, yeah too many trees in the city could be a problem. 

  4. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks for the visit Greg, yeah birch trees in corrals is not common I must admit. As for logging well I have seen worse in Oz, here at least the forests are not old growth forests. But it is still a shame that beautiful stands of forest disappear over night.  

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