Gear List Lapland 2011

After a considerable amount of time spent playing around with gear ideas, the list for my trip from Kvikkjokk to Abisko along the Nordkalotten (or Nordkalottleden) Trail in Lapland is pretty much settled, and the good news it will all fit in the pack as will the 13 kg. of food.

Function Item Weight (gms)
Rucksack Natural Balance 2120
Shelter MLD Solo Inner 260
Gg Polycro 50
Bpl Orange 25
Easton 6” 40
Easton 8” 52
Golite SL 2 615
Sleeping Exped Pump Pillow 150
WM Megalite 700
Exped Syn UL 460
MLD Lge Cuben Stuff Sack 21
MLD Thinlight 87
Cooking Kupilka Long Handled Spoon 16
Kupilka 21 85
Mini Lightmyfire 13
Jetboil Ti 245
Platy 1L 22
Platy 0.5 (2) 40
Clothing Carried BPL Cocoon Hoody 339
BPL Merino Hoody 270
Rab Demand 290
IceBreaker Merino Legless 205
MLD eVent Overmitts 30
Montane Featherlite Pants 128
Possum Fur Gloves 42
Possum Fur Hat 59
Smartwool Adrenaline Socks 61
Teko Liner Socks 65
Clothing Worn BPL Merino shorts 134
BPL Headnet 9
Montane Terra Pants 332
Columbia Ti shirt 266
Inov 8 370 820
Dirty Girl Gaiters 42
Montane Aero 100
OR Radar Pocket 57
Pacer Poles 700
Silkbody Short Sleeve Shirt 215
Smartwool Adrenaline Socks 61
Southern Cross Buff 35
Teko Liner Socks 65
Consumables: Food Food 12250
Consumables: Fuel Fuel 380
Various First Aid and repair 100
Ultra Minipod 46
GPS 136
Maps CCards etc. 120
Mobile ph Charger Li Batt. 96
Mobile phone 130
OlympusE-P2 9-18 in drisack 667
Pacer Pole Camera 16
Swiss Army Classic Knife 30
Washkit 50
Base Weight 7881
Clothing Worn 2836
Total Pack Weight 20511


There may be some last minute changes, especially if I can lay my hands on a Kupilka long handled spoon, and of course comments are always welcome.

In response to a question I have uploaded my food list below.

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18 Responses to Gear List Lapland 2011

  1. Mark Roberts says:

    Looks like a good set of choices to me. Nice and refined. 

  2. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks Mark, yeah tried to keep the gear down to a minimum because of the weight of the food. 

  3. nielsenbrown says:

    Hi Niels, I only have Sport Pockets, so could not expand the Featherlite. There are benefits in the Natural Balance; in the bottom section I will store my sleeping bag spare clothing etc, while the vertical divider in the upper section allows me to split the food weight evenly and keep the centre of gravity low. It is comfortable fully loaded and it will only get lighter : )

  4. You should have expedition pockets on the NB, and be able to switch them to the FF. But I see your point on the bottom room in the NB. Your lists are always an iinspiration to me. Have a good trip.

  5. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks Niels, yeah mine is a 2009 model so maybe the NB had sport pockets in those days. Generally I do not like the middle vertical divider in the pack, but for this trip it is ideal, as I have divided my food into equal day amounts and loaded each half into the vertical sections using two heavy duty plastic shopping bags (Netto). Meaning I can just lift the bags out at the end of the day and replace them in the pack in the morning. I have also packed the heavy food at the bottom of these bags and as a result the centre of gravity is around my lower back area, so it feels well balanced. The bottom section of the NB is ideal in my view for this trip I just put everything in it and the weight of the food etc on top compresses it nicely. But, no matter what I do the pack still weighs the same : (Thanks for the good wishes, reports will follow after I return.

  6. sabi says:

    Interesting list – I compared with mine for northern Finland july/august. For me 6-7kg of food is already the limit, 20kg a no-go.I am still thinking about my sleeping bag – my RAB TopBag with 516g is tempting but could be a bit cold …

  7. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks Sabi, yeah I have tried to keep the gear to a minimum, though a few luxury items have crept in, which may be removed. I agree the pack is too heavy but their is only so much you can do with that much food. The first week, is supposed to be damp so I am thinking of changing to a synthetic quilt, which sadly weighs more. Keep an eye out for minor changes. Good luck with your tour in Finalnd

  8. joenewton says:

    'Clothing worn – headnet' – I really hope you don't have to walk all day in that thing! Fingers crossed that you somehow avoid the bugs.Will be watching your experience with the efficiency of the Jetboil with interest.

  9. Hugo says:

    A good gear list…Im wondering whether you need both a GPS and a mobile phone? I can use an app called EveryTrail on my Iphone that has free downloadable terrain maps (courtesy of OpenStreetMaps)…the maps are preloaded so EveryTrail works whether you are in phone range or not.And if you navigate your path using the Google Earth Sat map view, it will pre-cache the satellite photos as well. (Other people use ViewRanger but that doesnt have maps for Australia where I am). Just need to be careful with battery use of course!

  10. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks Hugo, I use an iphone also and the battery life is an issue for 3 weeks as there are no recharge options unless I carry solar panels or the like, so I carry a GPS with spare AA batteries. I have explored Everytrail and Viewranger and at this stage I would rather use paper maps and a simple GPS device. Perhaps I am just old fashioned. What part of Oz are you from? I am from Melbourne originally.

  11. nielsenbrown says:

    Headnet worn while walking occasionally worn around camp occasionally. There were plenty of bugs in the warm weather but overall not too bad in my view. Jetboil, all very good more detail to come.

  12. gribouille says:

    In the end, which did you take : Down or Synthetic ? Considering dampness & condensation, do you think synthetic was worth the extra weight ?

  13. nielsenbrown says:

    I used down, because it packs smaller, and assuming you can dry it out should it get damp then I would prefer to carry down. But If I know I am going to be wet for days then I would use synthetic. In my view in August down is okay.

  14. hi Nielsen,Just a quick question: for how many days was your 12250g of food?Why didn't you consider intermediate pickups for food?Great blog!Cheers,Steve

  15. nielsenbrown says:

    Hi Steve, thanks for the visit. I was carrying 19 days of food. Because I was early in the season there was limited scope for resupply. And as it turned out one possible option in Ritsem, had not received their supplies so there was not a lot available.  I also knew that if I ran low I could resupply on the Kungsleden, but it was not necessary.

  16. thx for the quick reply.nice to know you are on a lightweight food ratio of 645g/day… for the moment we are also between 600-625g ratios per many cals/645g/ratio??What i meant was not resuply by buying in shops, but deliver a home-made prepared bag of food ratios to be picked up in Ritsem/Vietas/…cheers

  17. nielsenbrown says:

    Hi Steve, I have added my food list to the blog entry. Postage delivery is limited in part because many places receive deliveries by helicopter so it would also be very expensive. Ritsem would be an option as deliveries come by bus. However, I did not want to lose a day travelling to and from Ritsem on a ferry, thus my desire to carry everything. I was definitely getting a little hungry by the end of the trip, but was otherwise happy with the amount of food. Perhaps I need more variety next time : ).Have a great day

  18. hi nielsen, thanks for putting up your foodlist. i will put online mine pretty soon too. cheers.

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