Food for a long trip

When hiking there are 3 key factors in my view, one is your comfort as you walk here the pack is critical and good weather helps. Secondly your physical condition especially you feet and legs, if they feel okay then walking is pleasurable. The final component is food. It is great to get to camp at the end of a long day and look forward to dinner, similarly (for me) breakfast is equally important.

For my upcoming trip in Lapland I need to carry 20 days food (as there are no resupply options along the trail), so the less weight the better, but I need to ensure the kilojoule level is high enough. Now I could just take a bottle of Olive Oil and that would meet my energy needs, but …  a mixture of foods would possibly be a better option.

In my planning I work on a need for about 13 000 kj per day.

To begin with I look for foods that offer 2000 kj per 100 gms, in this way 650 gms will give me 13000 kj.

For example;  breakfast I scoured the supermarkets until I found a muesli that gave me more than 2000 kj per 100 gms. To which added Full Cream Instant powdered Milk, ground Pecans and coconut, the 175 gms gives me 4156 kj.  For those in Denmark the base cereal was “Belsø’s Multi Mysli med mix af frugt og nødder”,  purchased in Føtex.

During the day, food is made up of Eat Natural Bars, 9Bars, Sesame Bars, Pringles, Tortilla Wraps and Chocolate.

Finally in the evening it is Fuizion Foods meals, they are lightweight, nutritous and tasty.

Of course I also carry coffee and tea. For coffee I would prefer Starbucks Via, but it is not available in Denmark so I use Nescafe Espresso sticks, for tea it has to be Twinings Green Tea and Lemon.

The total weight  of a days food is 695 gms and the energy value is 13900 kj. The weight of a days food may be a little high for the beginning of the trip, but I anticipate that there will be very little left at the end of the trip.

A days food:

And 20 days food fills 2 large shopping bags plus …


A detailed food list for 20 days is given below

Weight in gms. Kj per 100 gms Protein per 100 gms. Carbo per 100 gms Sugar per 100 gms Fat per 100 gms Total KJ for day. Total for 20 days
Belsin Cereal 100 2,150 15 59 0 22 2,150 2,000
Pecan 25 3,000 9 11 5 71 750 500
Coconut 25 2,960 7 25 7 64 740 500
Milk Powder 25 2,065 26 38 10 28 516 500
TOTAL 175 10,175 57 133 22 185 4,156 3,500
2 Sesame Bars 60 2,329 17 45 32 35 1,397 1,200
2 EAT Natural bars 90 2,054 6 47 34 31 924 1,800
Chocolate 50 2,346 7 30 29 47 1,173 1,000
TOTAL 200 6,729 29 122 95 113 3,495 4,000
Pringles 50 2,192 4 52 2 34 1,096 1,000
Tortilla 68 1,150 10 45 0 6 782 1,360
9bar 50 2,310 18 29 26 41 1,155 1,000
Isostar 24 1,543 0 80 71 0 463 480
TOTAL 192 8,220 36 260 113 81 3,496 3,840
Freeze Dried (Fuzion) 110 2,300 68 63 43 20 2,530 2,200
Coffee Tea 18 0 0 0 0 0 0 360
TOTAL 695 2,300 68 63 43 20 13,677 13,900

Note that my focus in preparing food for this trip has also been on minimising fuel usage (in this case gas) so for breakfast its hot water for coffee, and hot water for dinner and a cuppa. The planned amount of water heated in a day is 800 ml.

As a consequence of this minimisation I have decided to take the new Jetboil Sol Ti, its total weight  for pot, burner and pot lid is 245 gms.  Given the low fuel usage I should only need 2 100 gms gas canisters, for a total starting weight of 625 gms, as compared with my previous set up Snowpeak Ti, BPL 900 pot using about double the amount of gas would have a starting weight of 820 gms, the two set ups would have the same carry weight after 18 days. For me a lower starting weight is important.

Some will say why not use a wood stove, for me on trips such as this I prefer to use a gas stove as it means I can stop and eat when ever it suits me, as well, at the end of some days being able to light a stove boil water and eat is all I feel like doing.

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8 Responses to Food for a long trip

  1. David Hanlon says:

    Eat natural bars and Fuizion Foods we agree on. Especialy the bars. They've become my on-the-move snack of choice. I'm with you on the Jet boil too. For short trips they don't always make sense, but it would be my set up of choice for an extended trip.

  2. Korpijaakko says:

    Apparently you don't feel a need for much variation? On my three week skiing trip I felt that having three different breakfast choises and different kinds of dinners really help to cram all the food in and keep my spirits up. Then on the other hand, you don't have all that much food to eat so it should be easier. Oh, and a tip: Nutella spread is very good with tortillas, possibly with some soft dried bananas. ;)Btw. Have you noticed that some of the Fuizion's nutritional values don't add up. I've contacted them about the issue but haven't received a repply. Thye error is not likely remarkable but a clear error non the less. More in my blog:

  3. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks Dave, the Eat Natural Bars are good, but I think the 9bar originals maybe better. Yeah Fuizion Foods taste great, I have about 5 different dinners so at least there will be some variety.  As for the Jetboil, hopefully it will serve the purpose at least by the end of the trip I will be able to write a review of the stove.

  4. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks Korpijakko, no varaiety was never my speciality, though there is a mixture of Fuizion foods and the pringles are a mixture of different types. For breakfast well I can always have an energy bar and have the muesli for lunch : ) . Dried bananas yes they were on my list, were removed and may go back … I was also thinking of Tahini on tortillas, but resolving the packaging issue became too much of a hassle.I had not noticed the Fuizion Food numbers not adding up. We are always at the mercy of the labelling on packaging unless we make our own food. I will take a closer look at your blog, thanks.

  5. Korpijaakko says:

    Nutella and peanut butter are only available in Finland in glass jars which are not too good for backpacking so I packed the Nutella in little Minigrip bags with single serving in each, sealed them with tape and when I ate one I just cut the corner open. Worked pretty well.

  6. that is one heck of a lot of food!I am not one for variation normally but 20days on the trail and I think I would go barmy on my normal (limited) fare! 🙂

  7. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks Backpackbrewer yeah I may go a little balmy but there is variety in the evening meals and the closer I get to Abisko (end of the trip) the STF huts have food and meals so if I get desperate I will check out their cuisine.

  8. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks for the reminder about the small plastic bags, I also remembered that I have a few single sachets of honey lying around, must remember to pack them. BTW I am a Vegimite man myself, sadly I have runout of tubes as they would be ideal for the trip. 

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