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Some Changes

A look at the weather for the first week of my trip will tell you that it is going to be damp, with little breeze, probably misty and maybe cool. So I have begun to realise that I maybe wearing wet weather gear all day for … Continue reading

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Gear List Lapland 2011

After a considerable amount of time spent playing around with gear ideas, the list for my trip from Kvikkjokk to Abisko along the Nordkalotten (or Nordkalottleden) Trail in Lapland is pretty much settled, and the good news it will all … Continue reading

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Food for a long trip

When hiking there are 3 key factors in my view, one is your comfort as you walk here the pack is critical and good weather helps. Secondly your physical condition especially you feet and legs, if they feel okay then … Continue reading

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And the winner is

I have spent a lot of time pondering over which shelter to take to Lapland this summer and have decided that it will be the GoLite SL2 (with the GoLite SL 1 a close second) Why I hear you ask, … Continue reading

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Svängsta to Östafors; along the Blekingeleden

I had been lucky to have some free time and after completing a few more home renovation projects I felt it was time for a walk, as it would allow me to try out a few ideas in the wilds … Continue reading

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