Afternoon Walk in Jonstrup Vang

I had been sitting at the computer too long so I decided to head off for a short walk in Jonstrup Vang (part of Hareskov)

It was breezy and cool with the sun occasionally out, I was firstly taken by the stillness of the lake and the Swan which paddled gracefully towards me.

As I wandered with no fixed plan I came across one of the many snails living in the forest, this one is the Rød Skovsnegl (Red forest snail).

Further along I met this old man of the forest, he did not say much.

There is many still ponds in the forest and the insects were already active.
It was a refreshing stroll.
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One Response to Afternoon Walk in Jonstrup Vang

  1. gauperaa says:

    Nice to get out even if it's just for a quick stroll. Nice photos.

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