Hareskov to Lyngby

It had been a grey and gloomy week weather wise and with the appearance of sunshine it seemed like a good idea to get out and go for a walk. My only plan was to catch the train to Hareskov station and return from Lyngby station, in between there are three major lakes, Farum Sø, Bagsværd Sø and Lyngby Sø as well as three forests Store Hareskov, Fredriksdal Skov and Nybro Skov. So I set off through Store Hareskov choosing whichever path appealed to me as I walked, I have visited this area on many occasions so I always try to go a slightly different way and with the ice still in the low lying areas and bright sunshine it was easy to find something to look at.

After leaving Store Hareskov I entered Fredriksdal Skov but instead of taking the shortest possible route through the forest I decided to head west which resulted in perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of the walk, because I entered an area that I had not visited before. There are many well trodden (and cycled paths) here but I picked less travelled sections and found myself on the edge of a frozen lake with the ice glistening in the sunshine I located a warm spot out of the wind and settled down for lunch, it was magic.

After a relaxing lunch I sidled around Store Hulsø before climbing away onto another minor trail trail which ultimately provided me with beautiful views of the windswept and partly frozen Farum Sø.

At this point I was glad of my macpac fleece, Icebreaker shirt and especially my Montane Litespeed which ensured the wind did not penetrate. I followed the shoreline of Farum Sø before crossing over into Nybro Skov which took me to the banks of the canal connecting Farum Sø and Lyngby Sø

By now there were many people wandering the trails around Lyngby Sø, but I was still able to find my own sense of enjoyment in what is an area not more than 10 km from the centre of Copenhagen.

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9 Responses to Hareskov to Lyngby

  1. Anonymous says:

    Det lyder godt. Det har været dejlig vejr. Jeg håber det holder til mandag, så jeg kan få en fin tur på en af de "well trodden […] cycled paths".

  2. Hi Roger,the first photo on the top looks fantastic!Nice report. Thank you.

  3. Roger says:

    Nice report, Roger.Thanks.

  4. Greg says:

    Love the last photo. It would be great to explore a frozen landscape such as this. Nice report!

  5. Anonymous, tak for det, jeg håber du har en god tur på mandag.Thanks Rio, yeah I was quite taken by the thickness of the ice, in may places the ground is still frozen.Thanks Roger, hope you get out soon.Greg, yeah there is not much opportunity for frozen landscapes downunder. Mind you put pegs in the ground can be a challenge.

  6. Joe Newton says:

    Thanks for sharing Roger. Loved the last photo. Doesn't a bit of sunshine make all the difference?! It looks like Spring is sprunging in Denmark!

  7. Thanks Joe yeah spring is coming with some flowers poking their heads up, and the ice is gradually melting on the tops of the lakes though the swans are still standing around more than swimming.

  8. Roger says:

    Nice report, Roger.Thanks.

  9. Greg says:

    Love the last photo. It would be great to explore a frozen landscape such as this. Nice report!

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